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I’m drinking peppermint tea as I sit outside of my class. I have allergies..or a cold…I think it’s allergies because I feel all sneezy inside.

I’m so excited that it’s October because that means it’s almost Halloween and I’m pumped! I also love the fall weather, clothes, and food. The fall also makes me wanna write more. I think I look fall-ish today but maybe it’s just me..are daisies fall flowers??


I feel kinda sad right now, it’s been a rough week.

This past weekend was great because I spent it with the love of my life and my family…and I guess if you have such a great weekend like that, everything you experience seems to suck. But that’s not entirely true because I did have some unfortunate experiences including sitting in my room all day not associating with people because of homework. It’s too bad because I thought I looked really good that day too, here’s a pic so at least you guys can see…



Yeah I know I have major sex appeal.

Well anyway, after that I got uncomfortably confronted by some girl I didn’t know on my floor. She wanted to move in with me except she seemed really terrifying and I didn’t want her as my roommate. She asked me invasive questions and it was weird.

I’ve been getting awful sleep because the girls on my floor don’t know what quiet hours mean, I haven’t socialized with anyone because of my workload, I had to go into four different showers to find a hot one, I’m stressed as hell, and either sick of suffering from allergies. Maybe I should go inside…

Also my girlfriend and I aren’t together anymore..so she’s my exgirlfriend again.

My emotions are running high but I’m so physically and mentally drained from running around to classes and studying…

On the bright side I got an A on my first college paper, a B on a paper for a different class..the woman I want to interview for a project agreed to it and I got a bunch of fresh produce from the farmer’s market as well as a frequent card! Also, I found out about some potential research opportunities for me, a two year program I’m interested in, and a club I wanna check out. Lastly I found out I got accepted into a club I had to interview for and I’ll get a $400 participation award at the end of the year, which is really nice considering I don’t have a job right now and that could help me pay for books for my sophomore year.

Not everything is bad so I should try to look at the good stuff…besides, although my ex doesn’t want to be in a relationship right now, she still wants to talk to me and wants to try again when she officially gets her life sorted out. I guess we tried again too soon.

Anyway, I’m going to go to class now. There’s a squirrel near me and it’s making me incredibly nervous because I don’t like squirrels they’re icky.

Have a great rest of your week!



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