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2 Months

Tomorrow is our two-month anniversary.  She had said it felt like longer, and I agree…it feels like we’ve known each other and been together for more than…almost five months now.  We really began talking in January…and although we weren’t officially dating until a few months later, both of our friends have said that we were basically dating when we weren’t.

God, I love her…she makes me happy.  I hope there are many months spent together to come 🙂

Awhile ago I had told her that I like to write and I had shown her some of my stuff…when I told her I have my own website she had been demanding to see it but I had been reluctant because when I sent her some of my work, I was able to choose the pieces that would draw the fewest questions about myself or the pieces that wouldn’t make me feel so…vulnerable.

The other day I was in a really bad mood because I don’t like sneaking around and I don’t like being “out” but feeling unable to express myself with my family..namely my parents…and I didn’t want to tell her about my bad mood because I didn’t want to bother her with it; I’ve complained about my current family situation to her before and I’m scared that if I always bring it up she’ll leave because she doesn’t want to hear it anymore and because she thinks I’m miserable or something..

I called her on my way to school and I was rather hostile and rude…after talking to my twin, John, I realized that I was taking out my bad mood on her and I felt bad…and then later I explained some things to her and..I’m just dumb sometimes.  She’s a very patient and understanding person…I need to be more open with her.

And after that day, I realized that by sharing my website with her I am truly opening myself up to her.

No one that I personally know knows about my website except for her now…and boy, was she really excited to have the URL because she said she stayed up till 3am reading everything.  She sat at work reading my stuff when she was on break too…and she still likes me! Although she has questions that she wants to ask me…they’re probably about my more “questionable” work.  And by that I mean some of my *ahem* poems…

Or perhaps she has questions about some of my blogs…I’m not sure honestly.  I was too afraid to hear her questions last night so I asked her to ask me later…But it’s funny because I got a notification from WordPress saying “Your stats are booming!  Looks like “Unzip These Lips” is getting a lot of traffic.”  And then when you click on that notification it says “Your blog, Unzip These Lips, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!  56 hourly views, 0 hourly views average”

Well I suppose my stats are booming now because of my girlfriend haha but wow…she’s freaking adorable, I could write about her all day.

The other day I was talking to my friend, Steph, and I realized how my girlfriend has many character traits comparable to puppies.   For example, she likes to be scratched, she sticks out her tongue in selfies, she bites me, she sleeps on her tummy, she has little puppy eyes…oh and she growls!  I forgot about that until now, she always growls at me when she’s excited…I am pretty damn sure she was a puppy in her past life, which means that I am dating a puppy.  I’m madly in love with a puppy.

I miss my little puppy, I only saw her once this week for an hour…it’s been a rough week.  We were supposed to go out on a date on Thursday but I had to cancel and then she had to cancel and…hopefully we’ll be able to go out on a date this Thursday.  This will be our second official date as girlfriends, third date total 🙂

And I’ll be able to see her Monday before she gets a tattoo!  I know it may be kinda weird but I’m gonna be worrying the whole time I know she’s getting it…she has a few tattoos already and I’m sure it’ll be fine but I don’t know…she had said she was a little nervous and the idea of some tatted up punk injecting ink into her body with a needle for hours makes me all…nervous.  I wish I could go to be there for her, I’m also curious about the tattooing process…but I can’t go because I’ll be in school.  At least she won’t be alone, her best friend is going with her so that makes me feel a bit better.

Anyway, I have to do my homework now…I hope everyone is doing well xx


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