Speaking My Mind

A Sad and Dumb Confession

*as told to Melissa through FB Message

I feel sad and dumb.

i told Jess I want her back and I do but it’s been over 24 hours and she hasn’t even replied it’s depressing I feel dumb she doesn’t want me but she can’t say it so I was hoping but she doesn’t care and I am sad

cuz idk if I wanna wait to delete stuff and unfollow her but I don’t wanna delete stuff and regret it so I wanna wait but the day before I go to college would’ve been our six months I just feel like I fucked everything up but I didn’t I was with someone who obviously doesn’t care about me that much cuz they would’ve responded by now she was stringing me along I guess it’s sad

and she told me not to string her along but she was doing the stringing herself

She can’t tell me no ever..no I can’t go to warped no I can’t go to rocky no I don’t want to be with u anymore

she couldn’t say any of those things and I just feel disrespected she just ignores me

but it’s over I just feel sad now cuz I dumbly put myself out there yesterday and I was expecting a no but instead I got crickets

i feel like everything was a lie

how can someone change their mind so quickly yknw

its really disappointing

and work is depressing, it’s my last week

i keep thinking about her when I’m there and people mention her to me..oh u and Jess this..u and Jess that..it sucks

shes not even there but I’m haunted by her

i can’t wait to leave smash and then go to college, it’s all happening at the perfect time

Except it’s not cuz I have about a week and a half before I actually go to college but you’ll be back by then so I’ll feel better cuz I miss u

i honestly wanna know what she’s thinking tho..she seems indifferent, she must’ve been indifferent for awhile without me knowing

when I came back from Hawaii she seemed so excited and then it all just fell apart but maybe it was broken before and I didn’t realize somehow..idk It’ll forever be a mystery I suppose


  • yikici

    Oh honey… 🙁 give her some time, maybe she’s thinking things in her head, or has something come up and needs to attend to that…try not to think about for it for a day or two more, I know it’s easier said than done, but try…and maybe then send her one message asking her to respond to you, and then see what happens?

    You know, sometimes in life we meet people who will just be part of our journeys, they will give us the tools for our next adventure, though, at the time, we may not want to accept it, in the long run, when the event has passed, and the person a distant memory, only then do we see the significance of their input in our lives. Stay strong sweetie, this shall pass too, and in due time you will see the silver lining, be it with Jess or someone equally or more wonderful.

    Sending you lots and lots of hugs, you know where I am, just give me a nudge when you need to. x

    • vicromero

      Thank u so much Oz, u always know exactly what to say. I’m going to give her time and then see how I feel and maybe I’ll reach out to her again. I agree with u, some people are only gonna play a part in our journeys…I was hoping she’d be around longer tho. But whatever happens with her I’m trying to stay positive and like u sId, recognize the significance she’s had in my life. Thank u for your insightful advice Oz, I really needed this. Thank u, and u can do the same to me I’m here for u too xx

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