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I created this blog in 2013 after several years of writing poetry daily on an app that is now extinct. WordPress was a much-needed upgrade because unlike the app, I was now able to control my own homepage and how it looked as well as incorporate photos and other media into my posts. My website became my safe-haven for sharing my thoughts and any creative pieces I made. It’s essentially a journal of my life.

This past February, I decided to upgrade this blog again by buying the domain, which was an awesome decision. I also decided to share my site with some people in my life, whereas before it was a place only for me.

The types of posts have changed over the years, and it’s beautiful to read some of the earlier posts and reflect on some of the ways in which I have changed. Some of the things I have written about I would have otherwise forgotten if I didn’t document it.

To acknowledge the growth that I have made since beginning this site in 2018, I decided to do a fun little bio about me, which I have never done before!

Some of My Favorite Things!

Favorite Movie/TV Show

I prefer TV shows to movies because I enjoy watching the characters grow and develop, plus they become my friends! My two favorite shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I can easily talk all day about, and Veronica Mars.

I’m currently watching The Twilight Zone, which I prefer to Black Mirror.

Favorite Book

My favorite two books (this is a trend…I tend to have two favorites) used to be Perks of Being a Wallflower and Catcher in the Rye. Now…I don’t know if I have a favorite…but I’d have to say the Alice in Wonderland series because it was so brilliant. I would also say Don Quixote, but I haven’t finished that yet.

Favorite Food

I love to eat everything, yet, my favorite food is my mom’s classic arroz con abichuelas. It reminds me of my grandmother and it tastes like home. I also love chocolate!!

I enjoy food from all ethnicities too because food is such a beautiful way to explore different cultures. Whenever I’m cooking, I feel like I’m performing witchcraft by conjuring the spirits of whatever culture’s food I’m trying to recreate. It may sound creepy, but I find it to be a comforting experience.

Favorite Spice

My girlfriend exposed me to the world of ginger since ginger is frequently used in Indian cuisine. So, ginger quickly became my favorite spice, along with cinnamon, and any type of pepper.

Favorite Scent

For perfumes, I tend to gravitate toward warm scents like vanilla, marshmallow, and almond. When I’m feeling extra feminine and flirty, I’ll use a more floral scent, such as rose.

Favorite Band

One of the ways my girlfriend and I got to know each other was through music, which sounds so lame, but it was true. We used to sit in the living room of my apartment, swap music, and talk for hours. I found out that we had a similar taste in music, so then I started making her mixed CDs so she could play them in her old car that didn’t have Bluetooth or a way of playing music from a phone.

It’s sweet because the concerts we’ve been to together have been from the days when we used to share music.

Anyway…none of this really pertains to who my favorite band is now, I just thought it was nice to share.

I prefer to listen to angsty music with strong vocals and/or lyrics. Some of my favorite bands include Fall Out Boy, The Story So Far, Pierce the Veil, Movements, Microwave, Hop Along, Black Foxxes, Paramore, and more.

If you like this style as well, please send me some recommendations in the comments below!

Favorite Yoga Pose

My favorite yoga pose always changes every couple of months, but right now I’ve been loving Warrior III. I’m not the best at it because it requires a lot of hamstring strength, and hamstrings tend to be weak and inflexible in most people. However, I love working toward improving it because it’s such a strong yet beautiful pose that incorporates balance and grace.

Favorite Essay

I feel like this is an unusual favorite to add to the list, but I do have a favorite essay. I came across this essay during my first class on my first day of college, and it fit my blog’s purpose perfectly. It’s also incredibly relevant to my life because I feel like I’m always vacillating between being my true self and speaking up or making myself palatable to others.

“For we have been socialized to respect fear more than our own needs for language and definition, and while we wait in silence for that final luxury of fearlessness, the weight of that silence will choke us.” -Audre Lorde,The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action*

Please join me on this journey of putting my feelings and experiences into language and action. I hope some of what I share inspires you.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my poetry, stories, and blogs!

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