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I just returned from my family vacation to Europe, and it was a wonderful time.  We went to Barcelona, Paris, and London.  It was for two weeks, so pretty much the entirety of August thus far.  I was nervous about going on a vacation that was so long and being isolated to with my family the entire time, but it ended up going really well: I didn’t confront any conflict with my family and although traveling had its ups and downs, overall, it was a nice vacation and I got to explore and see different things.

I prepared a lot for any emotional challenges I might face during my travels.  I brought lavender oil with me, my Kindle, my journal, different colored pens, PlayDough, chocolate, and all of the DBT packets from my therapy group this summer.  I didn’t use all of these tools during my trip, but when I did need something, they were very helpful.  I tended to use the lavender oil and my Kindle the most.  I journaled twice with my colorful pens.

Anyway…so I’m back to working my super-flexible job and I’m starting to plan how to plan for the rest of the summer and for my second to last semester.

Second to last semester!  It’s so incredibly crazy…I’m going to be graduating in May.

The months that will lead up to May will be quite challenging in every aspect, so similarly to how I planned for my trip, I want to plan for the academic year.  This way, as I’m confronted with challenges, I will have all the tools in place to overcome them.  A healthy routine that involves working out, for example, would be beneficial so I need to know my fall schedule so I can plan what days I will be working out and so I can develop the habit now.  I’ve already developed the habit of working out about three times a week, which is awesome and I want to continue that.

The last thing I want to mention in this post is that my girlfriend came to my house last night and the interaction between her and my family felt incredibly…normal.  We weren’t supposed to hang out at my house but she got out of work early and dinner at my house was going a little later than expected, so she came over until I was able to go out with her for a bit.  My mom was involving her in the chats with me and my sister and it was super nice…and then my girlfriend came back over after we went out and we just lied in bed, talking.  My sister came in twice to talk to me and she saw me and my girlfriend cuddling a bit together and…I just felt incredibly grateful for this experience.  After all the anxiety I’ve induced surrounding coming out to my family and incorporating my girlfriend into my life with my family…it feels so satisfying to have things (right now) be “normal.”  I always dreamt of having all the people I care about together and to have everyone be accepting of it…after last night, it feels like that’s what I’m experiencing.  It’s wonderful.

So yeah..I believe those are all the updates I have for this month.  This week I anticipate finally writing another food blog post.  I’ve made quite a few things since the last post and it’s cool because my girlfriend has started cooking with me too!  It’s been such an intimate and fun experience.

Closer to the end of August, I want to make a post about media I’ve enjoyed this summer.  I may incorporate media I enjoyed last summer too, especially because I don’t think I have too much to discuss from this summer.

Lastly, I am working on a few creative pieces so I will certainly post some of them soon.

How is the end of your summer wrapping up?  I’m going into the city tomorrow for my friend’s twenty-first birthday and my girlfriend’s birthday is next week.  Also, my girlfriend moves into college in about a week and a half, and then the semester starts about a couple of days after that.  The summer is flying by at this point!



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