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Brooklyn Blog 3 and 4

Saturday we hung around Brooklyn then headed to the financial district to go to this cool pub, Sir Fraunces Tavern, for lunch. Here are a few lousy pictures of it. It was really classy.




Then we went to Century 21 because everyone in the Financial District was carrying bags and bags from that store. So we go inside and it is a zoo. Hundreds of people bustling with those little wagon carts, full of clothes and such. Not only is this store busy, but it’s a maze. There were tons of stairs and no exits…it was a fire hazard. I actually felt nervous in there.

Later we ate at a Mexican restaurant run by white, hipsters. The Mexicans were in the back cooking. I’m not even kidding. There was something off about that place.

I’m tired of fake Mexican restaurants, like Chipotle and crap. I like the authentic cuisine and atmosphere of a good Mexican restaurant. Although the food was excellent at the hipster-run place, the music and atmosphere was like…modern-chic…between the decorations and music. They were playing Amy Winehouse (who I love but it was weird while I was eating enchiladas).

The design of the restaurant was cool though. It’s a tiny restaurant and we ate on the top floor, which had an entirely glass wall. There wasn’t much to see other than cars but it was cool. And the food was good. The hipsters were nice enough. One waiter kicked out the hipster girl customers because they were taking a long time to finish paying and we were supposed to take their table. It was funny because the hipster girl got mad and then stormed off with her hipster friend and then the hipster waiter was like: you’re table will be ready in a moment.

I thought it was funny.

Anyway…so we headed back to the apartment and as my mom was unlocking the door of the building, the Indian man that owns the restaurant at the bottom and owns the other room in the apartment opens the door and after brief introductions, offers us food.

I had been wanting to eat at the Indian place for forever but no one else in my family likes Indian cuisine and we were often in Manhattan when we ate.

Anywho, though we had all just eaten dinner but he insisted, since it was our last night in Brooklyn. So about an hour later he came all the way to the top floor to give us bags of Indian food. Way more than I had expected. We took most of it back home with us. He was really sweet.

Then Sunday we packed up and went to visit a college. That sucked. The school was fantastic, I already applied there. But I am just soooo tired of college visits. I’m going to make a guide eventually on college visit stuff. I’ve been to…too many.

I’m going to go to sleep. I have school tomorrow ugh 🙁

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