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Cold Front

I’ve seen too many male, white asses in the past few days. Not from Internet porn or anything, just from living life.

The first time happened during the fall play. I was in the audience, laughing because the show was funny, when my friend’s white bum made an unwelcome appearance on brightly-lit stage.

His character fell on top of another character, and unfortunately his pants fell down in the process. He was unable to pull his pants up until he stood up though, so the audience had the wonderful display of his white moon.

That part will have to be blurred out in the tapes.

Then some kid got pantsed in my gym class and his boxers came down too. Thankfully I was behind him.

**Note: Pantsing is sexual assault/harassment

I am tired of being surprised with the male bum while I’m going about my business. I’m also tired of listening to stupid conversations in the girl’s locker room.

“The AP Euro teacher is lesbian, right?”

“I think so, she has a girlfriend.”

“Did she become gay when she was married? Is that why her first marriage didn’t work?”

“You don’t become gay. Perhaps she suppressed it.”

(its good that they know that)


“God, she’s so weird. Probably watches the history channel all the time?

“No, she probably spends all her nights watching gay porn.”

(well, that’s rude)

“Haha, probably.”

“She used to work at Tiffany’s before teaching here.”

“Yeah, she used to travel and go to fancy parties. She did marketing for Tiffany’s.”

“Oh, that’s the first sign when you know she’s gay. What girl would turn away from a job at Tiffany’s?”

Then I interjected because I had had enough.

“Not every girl likes jewelry. That’s a stereotype,” I replied while putting on a chunky necklace.

My timing is impeccable.

This past week has been exciting. I chopped off half of my hair, I also got the iPhone 5c, called out a teacher on her shit because she was pushing around my little sister, and I got a new friend. And I went on a hot not-date.

My hair is now chin-length. Everyone keeps asking me if I got a haircut, which is a dumb question. Half of my hair didn’t just disintegrate while I was sleeping.

Yes, I got a haircut.

I’m currently debating whether to get it shorter or not.

My new friend is actually an old former friend that I fell out with my freshman year. I got caught up in some dumb drama with a girl that I’m no longer friends with.

My new-old friend is nice to me and likes to hang out with me and wants to hang out with me and she listens to me so it’s nice.

Unfortunately she got a concussion from gym-class volleyball. The ball smacked her in the face, broke her glasses, gave her a black eye and a concussion. Hopefully she’ll be back in school soon because I miss her.

On Thursday I had a hot not-date. As in the date wasn’t really a date although I wish it was and in my head I made it out to be like one. It ended early though.

More recently I’ve been debating whether or not to apply to a school in DC. I would like to double major in women and gender studies and either economics or political science. DC is a cool location to study political science.

Lastly…well my little sister wants to use my Kindle account to read the The Hunger Games series. But I have books like Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens as well as lesbian and gay erotica and “coming out/coming of age” novels so…she will notice this if I give her access to my account.

I suppose it would be best to just be up front with her and be like: er Alex (that’s her name), I like girls too so…that explains all the books I read.

Or I can just download the books she wants for her and hope she doesn’t sneak a peak at the rest of the books I have purchased. Then she won’t ask me questions I’m not ready to answer.

But I may be ready to answer them. At least some of them. It has helped to write my thoughts down over and over again and to read all the blogs and books and news articles that I do.

On that note, I shall go.

Goodnight, WordPress

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