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Dancing Kween

I had a really great Friday because I got trashed and danced Friday night away with my best friends.

My friends and I don’t party too frequently, nor are we serious partiers. I’m usually the only one that gets drunk, and sometimes I don’t even get drunk.

This Friday was especially fun though, compared to last weekend.

Last weekend my friends were studying for an exam they had on Sunday (most of my friends are science students), so none of them could hang out with me. So I went out on the town alone, then I came back to my dorm and got drunk alone in one of my friend’s room. Then she fell asleep, so I left. The following night, one of my closest friends was around so we (I mean, me) got drunk, watched tv, and talked all night. My roommate wasn’t around so we went wild, it was a super fun bonding experience.

But this Friday was so much better.

It was warm outside so I was able to wear this sexy mesh dress that I have. The sleeves are mesh and it has a bandeau, and the stomach is mesh and then there’s a skirt.

So I went out with my friends to our usual pregame of smoothies, and then we went to the party. I’m proud to say that I’m now a beer person (before I only drank hard liquor), so I was actually able to get drunk, which makes everything more fun haha. There were two women that I liked at the party and I wanted to hook up with one of them, but I hooked up with both.

Nah, just kidding. I didn’t hook up with either of them. One of them was working at the party, so she wasn’t even able to dance with me. The other woman didn’t remember my name, despite being in the same class with me the whole semester, and was having a romance with two other people.

I met this really attractive woman though. Her name is Lucy and she’s a junior. She kind of reminds me of one of my coworkers because they both talk the same, but I was never attracted to my coworker. Anyway, Lucy was super cute and nice to me when I was super drunk and had to pee like nobody’s business. I’m gonna ask one of my friends that’s in the frat about her later.

I’m excited for next weekend. My school is having a huge fair and my friends and I may go to Six Flags!!

I hope everyone else’s weekend is going well!



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