Speaking My Mind

Don’t Forget

I want to remember that I spent today smiling. I’ve been spending a lot of days smiling, actually. Smiling, laughing, and hugging. Although college is stressful sometimes, I’ve come a long way from feeling lost, scared, and alone. I’m happy now…I’m making great memories. I’m finding my way and I feel passionate and determined to excel and achieve my goals. I want to make new goals and dreams. I finished the dreaded freshman expository writing class with an A! I got an externship for spring break and I’m currently being considered for an internship for the entire spring semester where I may get college credit for it! People are impressed by me and I’m meeting so many people that inspire and challenge me to be even better than I am. I’m meeting new people everyday. I have great role models, connections, and support. I’m surrounded by love. I spent today smiling, laughing, and hugging…I’m done crying. I’m a different person than when I first came here, and I’m going to keep changing and growing to be better.


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