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Eat Your Heart Out

Below are four recipes I made this summer as part of my self-care journey.  I enjoy trying new recipes because it’s such a therapeutic process and the results are delicious!

All of my recipes have turned out well with the exception of the time I tried to cook with cauliflower.  I didn’t take a photo of the product; I ended up discarding it altogether.  I tried to make mashed cauliflower and the recipe had called for about a cup of chicken broth but instead, I had mistakenly added all of the chicken broth I had heated up.  The cauliflower became incredibly salty and super unpleasant to eat.  I was frustrated because I spent a long time making it, especially because I had never cooked or chopped cauliflower before.  It sucked to have the final product be so disastrous but…what matters is that I tried something new to begin with!

Whenever I think about cauliflower now, I start tasting the salty-nastiness of my failed recipe.  I will have to try the recipe again though so I can master it!

Anyway…the recipes below turned out really well.  I found them on either the Food Network’s In the Kitchen app, on Delish.com, or in People Magazine.

Rachael Ray’s Eggplant Parmigiana

This is the second time I’ve made this recipe, and it’s always been a real hit!  Unfortunately, it takes me a long time because the eggplant takes foreverrrrr to cook.  I need to use more than one pan to make it so I could be more time efficient.


Above is my homemade sauce.  I took a can of crushed tomatoes and added garlic, red pepper, black pepper, basil, oregano, and parsley.


First I had to grill the eggplant so they were brown on each side.  This recipe doesn’t require that you bread the eggplant, so this version is a little healthier 🙂


Here are some pictures of grilled and raw eggplant.


Here is the layering process.  I like to use a combo of shredded parmesan cheese and grated.


Above is the finished product, topped with shredded parmesan of course, and paired with some sourdough bread.


Fried Pickles (from Delish.com) and Pulled Pork Sliders


The following day, I boiled cabbage for one of the sides.


To make fried pickles, I dried the pickle slices.  Then I coated them with flower, doused them in eggs, and finally, I covered them with panko.  I seasoned the panko with cayenne pepper, garlic, black pepper, and dill.  I also added some melted butter to the panko mixture.


Then I baked them at 450 degrees for fifteen minutes.


The fried pickles were paired with the pulled pork sliders (which I didn’t make…we bought the pulled pork already made) and the boiled cabbage, which was dressed with olive oil.


Chicken Taco from People Magazine


I only took a final photo of this chicken taco, but the dressing was the major new recipe that we experimented with to get this final product.

We made a dressing that included chopped poblano peppers, lime juice, lemon juice, chopped tomatoes, and olive oil.

We added jalapenos, lettuce, avocado, and cotija cheese.  The tortillas are corn.


July 1st BBQ Dinner


This is a fresh cole slaw I made that I found on the In the Kitchen app.  The recipe seemed bizarre to me but it was actually quite delicious!  I chopped up about half of a small green cabbage and added about 3 tablespoons of chopped cilantro and dill.  I also chopped up about three cups of green grapes.

The dressing was made with 2/3 cups of sour cream, a tablespoon of spicy brown mustard, a tablespoon of olive oil, and black pepper.


I made fried pickles with this meal too.  My mom grilled the ribs and the veggies.  Not pictured here is the corn on the cob my dad grilled.  He had seasoned it with butter, salt, and crushed red pepper.


This was the dessert that I got from the app as well, but with our own twist.  The original recipe called for some rum reduction sauce (which sounded amazing but my parents don’t like to buy hard liquor since they never drink it).  Instead, we simply did grilled pineapple, vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, and our twist: cinnamon.


I hope you enjoyed some of the recipes!  Let me know if you make some of them or what you are cooking!

xx Vic


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