Enjoy Me Slowly

Enjoy me slowly,
There’s no need to rush
Undress my mind
Like you would my body
Savoring every moment-
Every spark in between us.
I don’t want to skip all the sweetness,
For the sake of temporary pleasure
If you are patient,
You will get to enjoy my center.
I’m not impressed by
The size of your erection,
How much you can lift,
The places you’ve traveled,
The things that you’ve seen,
The wild sex that you’ve had,
The competitions you’ve won,
The fitness of your body,
Or the motorcycle you ride.
I want to know about your family,
Your friends,
The heartbreaks and joys you’ve experienced
What activities make you feel the best
What books you read
What gets underneath your skin
What challenges you
What stimulates you…
How do you feel about yourself?
Do you enjoy where you’re at in your life?
What else do you want to experience?

I want you to want to know my answers to these questions too
Because I want to share the deepest parts of myself with you.

© 2019 Vic Romero

All Rights Reserved

Hello, welcome to my blog! I am a 200 hr- RYT and a recent college graduate! My blog is a space where I share stories of my personal endeavors with some poetry, recipes, and yoga mixed in! For yoga inquiries, please email me at yoga@victoriap9.sg-host.com. For general inquiries, please email me at hello@victoriap9.sg-host.com. Thank you for visiting!

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