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Finding My Passion

During summer orientation, I fell in love with an improv club.  They performed a skit about sexual assault in college, and it was mind-blowing.  I had never seen anything like it before…it was raw, emotional, and provocative. I wanted to see how I could get involved during my first year of college, so I signed up.

In college, I attended a variety of clubs, but the improv club was the only club that I loved.  I don’t act, but the club isn’t solely a performance club.  During meetings, we played games, ate food, had discussions about interpersonal violence…and unlike other clubs that I had attended, everyone in this club was welcoming and friendly.

For a class during my first semester, I interviewed the advisor of the club.  Her experiences really resonated with me and made me realize that I could have a job in ending violence against women.  Prior to talking with her, I didn’t even know there were jobs like that.  She also made me want to pursue higher education after college.

Over the course of my first year of college, I’ve realized I have a passion for ending interpersonal violence.  I’ve connected with the members of the club, I’ve connected with the advisor…I’ve participated in marches, protests, and rallies.  I’ve helped put on productions, I’ve applied for other opportunities that deal with helping victims of sexual assault, I’ve written papers about it, and I now want to pursue higher education so I could have a more active role in instigating change.  Reflecting on it now, I feel like I took an unconscious path to get to where I am now…I’ve fed these little sparks of interest and now they have become a fire of passion.

Two weeks ago, I found out that I got rejected from an opportunity that I really wanted.  I was sad for awhile, but then the following day, I found out that I had gotten a position on the staff of the improv club.  I cried a bit because this club has completely influenced who I am and it has shown me what I am passionate about…I want to help people and implement and change policies.

I  feel like everything leading up to this has happened for a reason, but I didn’t realize it at the time.  I’m really excited to see what else is in store for me.


  • jerbearinsantafe

    I admire your passion and activism. I have had two close friends become victims of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their partners. Both were guys in same-sex relationships and it really hurt to see them suffer for months before finally reaching out for help. I also have seen such violence directed at women in both straight and lesbian relationships. I do think sexism plays a role because the abuser is using maco-based reasoning and to rationalize their abuse of partners who adopt a more feminine role in the relationship. Ultimately sexism and misogyny hurt women and anyone of any gender who challenges rigid gender roles. That’s why I have always stood up for women’s rights and why I’m glad your helping make the world a better place?

    • vicromero

      Yes, thank you for your comment you make some incredibly true and profound points. I love that you’re such an activist, it’s important that there are many active people. Thank you, I’m excited to see where else my path leads me 🙂 I hope all is well with you! xx

  • Lana

    I think that is amazing Vic, my first real boyfriend had punched me in the back of the head long story but he was an Ahole, I have also dated someone who would speak down to me was not a healthy relationship. Anywho I think that it is amazing what your doing💐

    • vicromero

      I’m sorry to hear about those experiences but I’m glad you’re no longer in them xx Thank you, but it’s terrible that what I want to do even needs to be done…I mean, it’s unfortunate that interpersonal violence exists to begin with.

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