Five Years Later

I’ve reluctantly returned to this shabby town:
A graveyard of my former friends-turned-foes
Five years ago, the demons had burned this shithole down
It has since become silent here, lone for the anguished, laughing echoes

Only my ghosts thrive here now
Incapacitated since the demolition
When I pass them, their white lips are pressed into frowns
Their eyes are haunted by regretful recognition

© 2019 Vic Romero

All Rights Reserved

Hello, welcome to my blog! I am a 200 hr- RYT and a recent college graduate! My blog is a space where I share stories of my personal endeavors with some poetry, recipes, and yoga mixed in! For yoga inquiries, please email me at yoga@unziptheselips.com. For general inquiries, please email me at hello@unziptheselips.com. Thank you for visiting!

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