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Friday-Friday Lookbook

This lookbook is a bit long because it’s a whole week of looks, excluding Saturday and Sunday.  Hope you guys enjoy them!

Friday, 14 November

I was trying to channel Demi Lovato with this outfit but I don’t think I succeeded too well…anywhere here’s my look and the picture that inspired me.  It’s just a really soft, light blue Gap sweater, a navy blue and plaid scarf, a pleather skirt from Forever 21, tights, leg warmers, and my blue plaid Docs.

photo 1

I wore leg warmers because it was too cold to just wear tights…I also wore my blue plaid Docs, which aren’t pictured but you’ll see them when I do a Dr. Marten’s shoe unboxing and collection.

photo 4

Here is my face…I did a basic “smokey eye” with silver eyeshadow in the center and a dark grey on the outside…Nothing too fancy or difficult here.

photo 2 photo 3

Monday, 17 November

I love what I wore on Monday but I’m not so crazy about about my makeup.  This dress I’m wearing is from Forever 21 and it’s a beautiful cranberry-colored, off the shoulder kinda dress.  It’s lacy and it has a gold zipper in the back…I wore this dress when I turned eighteen.  I paired it with a huge warm knit sweater my grandparents got for me for my birthday this year…I’m also wearing grey cheetah-print leggings and Docs.

photo 4

Okay, so here is my face that I wasn’t too crazy about…I had seen somebody do like a backwards smokey eye and I wanted to try it but I don’t like the way it turned out.  I used a dark grey (not black) in the inner corner and then I used a cranberry kinda color on the outside…the palette I was using doesn’t have a very true cranberry color though so it didn’t look as vibrant as I wanted it to and I wasn’t crazy with how the grey looks only on the inner corner of my eyes but…it was fun experimenting.  That’s what makeup is all about for me 🙂

Oh and jewelry…I’m wearing this chunky striped necklace that I love…I got it from a little boutique in some woman’s basement many years ago.  I remember when I got it my mom thought it was ugly but I still wear it all these years later and I think it’s really cute!  I’m also wearing these black and white polka dot kinda hoop earrings.

BTW, all these makeup looks include foundation, blush, eyeliner, a nude lipstick, and mascara.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I thought I looked cute and happy 🙂

photo 3

Here are the rings I wore…sometimes I wear a ton of rings and other times I only wear my pride ring but that day I decided to wear this awesome black ring from Marc by Marc Jacobs…it’s curved slightly to allow you to bend your finger a bit but it’s not flexible at all because it’s metal.  I can’t wear this ring when I’m typing or anything but it’s fun to wear because it looks cool.  On my right hand I have my pride ring and my infinity sign best friend ring.  My best friend from high school has the other one.

photo 1photo 2

It was raining on Monday so here’s me with my bright yellow raincoat, my bright yellow polka dot umbrella, and my daisy scarf and grey beanie.  I love the rain so I took some pictures of how beautiful my campus looked in the rain.

photo 4photo 5

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 5

Tuesday, 18 November

I ended up loathing this outfit lol I wore this amazing long sheath dress that I got from Forever 21…it has a fancy lace thing at the bottom.  Because the dress is spaghetti straps I wore a black sweater over it but the black sweater has an open back, as you can see and it made me feel cold…so I threw on this cool scarf with anchors and a zigzag pattern on top.  I wore black leggings but my leggings didn’t go down to my ankles so I wore grey knee socks and Docs…I don’t know I just loathed this outfit.  I ended up breaking the strap of my dress by accident too so I had to safety pin it…meh.  What do you guys think?

photo 2 photo 3

I didn’t wear any fancy makeup, just foundation, blush, and a nude lipstick…and I wore the same earrings that I wore the day before.

photo 1

I was having a bad day that day…it wasn’t helping that I hated what I was wearing lol but anyway, my mom came by and brought me a bunch of nice things including this Vice 3 makeup palette by Urban Decay.  It came with two free samples of their other products as well…I want to talk about the palette and/or do a makeup tutorial using it because I love it a lot, it’s fun to play with.  I’ll do that one day soon hopefully.

photo 4

Wednesday, 19 October

This day was fun…I wore a black turtle neck underneath a tanktop black dress from forever 21…I wore it with the brown belt the dress came with…I also wore camo leggings and my Uggs since it was freezing on Wednesday.

photo 2photo 1

I was so excited to get the Vice 3 palette that I started playing with it the next day…I wanted to wear makeup that matched my camo tights so I wore the color “Brokedown” on the inner half of my lid…it’s a beautiful metallic grey green copper color…I’m not even sure if that’s a good way to describe it lol anyway…I wore “Dragon,” which is a bright metallic green, on the outter corners of my lid.  I thought it came out pretty cool and interesting.

photo 2

I wore this cool red triangle pendant that has a blue colored eye in the center and wore these Betsey Johnson Eiffel Tower earrings as welll…they have a little bow on top of the tower, I think it’s cute.

photo 1photo 3photo 4

Thursday, 20 November

Yesterday was fucking fantastic and I thought my outfit was the best one out of the whole week!  I finalized my spring semester schedule (I’m so excited about it), I had a great lunch with my friends, got a package, a had a fantastic conversation with an inspiring graduate of my school…he’s gay, was a marine, has a PHD, is incredibly smart and funny, and he also said I have legs like Marlene Dietrich lol…classes were great that day…I walked into the student center and there was a spontaneous coffee house going on, and I talked on the phone with my best friend for a few hours before passing out.  It was just a great day and I loved my outfit and makeup so I’m excited to show you all!

So I wore this flapper-style skirt that I’ve got at Forever 21 a long time ago…the zipper was broken but my mom fixed it and so it was the first time I wore it in awhile.  I matched it with this striped sweater that has a pink bow on it…the sweater reminds me of Betsey Johnson clothing except this sweater isn’t…I also wore some over-the-knee socks my mom got me…they’re grey with a black floral design on them.  Lastly I wore my usual footwear: Docs lol

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

On my left hand I’m wearing my skull and creepy Donnie Darko Frank ring…I got these from the jewelry guy at school.  I’m not sure if the skull ring is a knuccle ring but it’s really small so I wore it as one haha

On my right hand I wore my typical pride ring and my best friend infinity ring.  Oh and that’s my Barbie watch…it’s really old but I started wearing it again lol

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I took this picture because I was having a really good day and felt really beautiful 🙂

photo 4

I personally loved my makeup look…it was inspired by this new YouTuber I watch…here’s her video if you want to recreate the look yourself!

I used the Vice 3 palette again and the colors I used were “Alchemy,” which is a lovely deep cranberry sparkly pink color…I put that color in the inner corner and in the outer corner.  I added a bit of “Bondage,” which is a sparkly plum, to the outer corners and in the crease of my lid a little bit…I don’t have any glitter like the tutorial so I used the color “Silver Strike” from Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Metal collection…that silver color is in the center of my lid…I added a bit of “Alchemy” blended with “Bondage” on the lower lashline as well.

Also, the earrings I wore are these beautiful white glass sparkly earrings I got from the jewelry guy at school lol I buy so much stuff from him.

photo 3photo 1 photo 2

Friday (Today), 21 November

Today I was feeling more mellow so I didn’t wear my contacts or any makeup at all…no foundation…nothing.  I’m wearing this long-sleeved, striped black and grey sweater that I stole from my mom’s closet…I’m also wearing a purple pleather jacket from Forever 21, leggings, and Michael Kors boots.  The necklaces I’m wearing are of an alien and a ying yang symbol…I got them at a music festival a few years back, Blondie played.  I’m also wearing the earrings that I got from the jewelry guy again…and that completes the whole week!

photo 1 photo 2

Hope you guys liked some of these looks, maybe they inspired you or something…feel free to comment and share your thoughts or even just talk about your day!  Hope everything is going well, love yourselves, and have a great weekend! xx



  • A Teenage Poet

    I looove your Thursday makeup with the eyes and all. Wednesday was probably my favourite outfit – adored the leggings and boots and dress. But you looked good the whole week how do you manage that?? You’re an inspiration haha

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