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Glamping + Spring Break

While many college seniors are enjoying their last spring break on the beach, I was glamping in my parents’ house. Due to the storm that hit us recently, my parents’ town had no power for about five days. The power is back on, thankfully, so the glamping (glamorous camping) has ended.

My spring break is coming to an end too since I am returning to my apartment tomorrow to study for an exam I have next Friday. It’s been pretty chill. On Sunday I went to my step-grandma’s, sister’s birthday party. The food was delicious and it was a surprisingly nice time.

Other than that, my spring break has been low-key. I’ve been primarily doing schoolwork. My thesis is due the Monday after the next, and I’m feeling…not great. I have done some work, which is definitely better than nothing, but I don’t feel like I’ve been productive enough. I’m feeling a bit stressed and the stress is ruining my sleep, so I feel exhausted.

Yesterday I cracked a little emotionally because I spread myself too thin by doing my taxes and organizing my bank accounts. I need to focus on one task at a time and just…finish it. I also had an issue with my apartment landlords because they’re annoying and unprofessional as hell. So yeah, I cried and then my mom and sister helped me relax and refocus. Then I registered for the Yoga Teacher Training program that I want to do and I felt significantly better.

I’m very excited for the training because I am eager to expand my practice as well as have the ability to teach others. I feel confident that this is a great investment for me, although I still have quite a bit to figure out. I still have to figure out the job and the type of academic program I want to pursue in the fall of 2019 but…I will figure it out as I figure it out. I am full of infinite possibilities, as my mantra points out.

I have been doing a mantra meditation for a little over a week now with a beautiful mala necklace I bought on Etsy. I will write about that experience later…despite how frequently I post (twice a week is frequent for me), I have soooo much I want to write and talk about! Once I submit my thesis, I will definitely spend more time blogging.

Speaking of blogging! My lovely girlfriend bought me a beautiful Nikon D3300 DSLR camera! It’s a combination of our one-year anniversary and my graduation gift, and it’s super thoughtful. Apparently, I talk about my high school yearbook days quite a bit, which inspired her to do some research to get it for me. It’s so cool though because I can record video on it too, and between my blog and my yoga practice, I have some great ideas for using it! It’ll also be great to capture the moments I share with my girlfriend in high-quality photographs.

Initially, I felt a little nervous about receiving such an extraordinary gift from her, but I feel excited about it now, especially now that I’ve assembled it all together. I think one major thing that I’m going to have to work through though is how I integrate my love life with my familial life. The process will fully begin once I move back home after graduating.

Anyway…are any of y’all on spring break? Do you still have spring break?

xx Vic

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