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I begin to pull my skin away-

Off of my body

Stepping out of it

As if it were a body suit

Flinging it into the dusty corner

Where my hair resides

I stare at myself in the mirror

All muscles and bones



I begin to tear off my muscle

Losing all of my strength

Losing all that I’m made of


Soon I’m just a skeleton

The only muscles are a set of eyes

My brain

My heart

I despise


So I yank my power source out

It’s warm in my hand

Squeezing it,

The blood pours out


Then go my eyes and brain

Then I’m just another skeleton.

Nobody special.

Technically dead.

But I’ve always been dead.

© 2012 Vic Romero

I wrote this when I was seventeen during my junior year of high school.  I had been struggling with my identity and accepting myself since I was around twelve and/or thirteen…I think that age is when most people begin to struggle with who they realize they are.  Anyway…I used to be really depressed and today I spent a lot of time reflecting on things and thinking…

I’m proud of myself for finding self-peace…I no longer loathe and resent myself…I’m proud of who I am and I strive to be better as well.  I’ve come a long way and there’s a lot more to go on this road but I will not allow myself to ever feel the way I did in my past…I am strong and I am amazing and I am excited for what the future has in store for me.  Most importantly though, I feel alive.


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