Short Stories

Heidi (part 2 of 3)

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, in the wrong bed.

His arms held me tight to his body and I bit my knuckle to refrain from sobbing and waking him up.

I really didn’t want to wake him up, but I really wanted his hands off of me.

My body was trapped against his, disabling me from find my clothes and the exit. Hopeless, I covered my eyes with my hands and wished on everything that I had that I could be anywhere else. Literally anywhere else. None of my previous wishes had ever come true before and right then would be a great time for things to change.

When I lifted my hands, his arms released me and I sighed in relief. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, his biceps flexing with the action. When he stopped rubbing his eyes he turned and looked at me, bewilderment evident on his face.

“Morning,” I greeted sheepishly, very aware of my nakedness as his eyes traveled my blanketed body.

“Um, hi,” he said. “Who are you and how did we meet?”

I gaped. “You don’t remember?”

He seemed to be ransacking his memory, but upon failing to recall last night, he shook his head. “I’m sorry. I know that’s such a douchey answer and something that you probably don’t want to hear, especially after we had sex. We had sex, right?”

I nodded, disgusted with myself.

My disgust must’ve been apparent on my face because his eyebrows shot up and he asked appalled, “Was it bad?”

“Sex with a guy is always bad sex,” I stated. “I like girls. Well…a girl.”

I didn’t think that his eyebrows could go higher but they did. “I had sex with a lesbian?” he choked out.

“Yeah, and you didn’t convert me. God…I made a huge mistake by walking out on her yesterday morning.”

He twisted the blanket in his hands. I just sat there, watching him. “How did we meet, anyway?” he inquired.

“The Roxbury Club. We bonded over the fact that we felt that our recent exes are our soulmates but we both fucked up our relationships,” I explained.

He nodded numbly, looking away. “You should go,” he said severely.

I observed him for a few beats, and then proceeded to get up and gather my clothes from the floor. I glanced at him and he was looking down at his lap. After I had put back on my jeans and tshirt, I said, “It’s okay, I’m decent now.”

He gingerly looked up.

“Well thanks for the bad sex. I’m going to go fix things with Heidi. Good luck with your relationship.”

And then I left.

© 2012 VicRomero

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