Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

“I’m Better Off When I Hit The Bottom”

I wish I could just turn off the way I feel for you

But the lingering feelings remain still,

They healed into the scars of my battle wounds

When I was fighting for us, but the fight quickly went downhill

I thought I was taking a bullet for you

But you were the one behind the trigger

My bruises and scars are from my love untrue

Maybe I should be more bitter

Instead I continue to love you

Without being in love

Although you’re the cause of these black and blues

I’ve decided to take the path above

Show compassion for you because you meant the world to me

And continue on with my life

Because I’ve realized, that without you weighing me down I am free

Without you there is less strife

© 2014 Vic Romero

“And the worst part is, before it gets any better
We’re headed for a cliff
And in the free fall I will realize that
I’m better off when I hit the bottom” –Turn It Off by Paramore

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