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“It’s Just A Spark, But It’s Enough To Keep Me Going”

Today was a great day too!

I sat with someone new at lunch that I had met thanks to my RA. I took my final midterm, spoke to my RA, went with my friends to my favorite club, won a travel mug and a tshirt, had halloween treats, got some free rootbeer cans, and now I’m in bed all comfy 🙂

This is my joyous face after I destroyed my final midterm!


Here’s the new mug I got (on the right). The cup on the left is the one I sadly broke yesterday by accident. It’s a shame too because it’s a Halloween cup and I love Halloween but I shall give it a new purpose so I can still use it.


Here are the Halloween treats I got! Apple cider, Halloween-shaped pretzels, and a Jack-O-Lantern sparkly orange cookie! Oh, and candy corn of course.


So yeah…today was good. I met someone new today too…which was one of the goals I made for myself. I like meeting new people everyday because it’s nice when you think you’re alone, and then you see someone you know so you’re no longer alone.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what other changes I can make to my life. I redesigned my website (I think it looks pretty nifty, what do you guys think?), I made a list of goals that I’ve been accomplishing a little bit everyday…

I was thinking about changing my hair. I haven’t had it cut in almost a year. It used to look like this:


And now it looks like this:


(The expressions on my face have nothing to do with how much I like my hair. I actually think I liked it better shorter because it got less frizzy, unlike my hair now.)

I’m not sure if I want to cut it though…my hair obviously needs a trim, I think it would help stop how frizzy my hair gets because I prob have split ends up the wazoo although I don’t blow dry my hair much, if at all, and I don’t use any other heating products on it.

Aside from getting a trim, I was thinking about tinting my hair blue again. I had done it my sophomore year of high school when NO ONE had colored hair and now that I’m in college, EVERYONE has colored hair. On one hand, I’m like “psh, been there done that” but on the other hand I wanna participate in the fun! I don’t want to bleach the shit out of my hair though, I just wanna dye it blue on top of my natural hair although I’m not sure if the color would really stay if I don’t bleach it first. I’m going to look into it and then maybe I’ll reach out to some of my friends from high school to do it for me because I actually have a lot of friends that do hair.

Anyway…that’s what I was thinking. I was also thinking about getting my nipples pierced for my birthday, I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile now but my tragus piercing that I got during prom weekend still hasn’t healed properly so I shall wait before I get more piercings.

I had this idea when I was sixteen or seventeen that I would get my first tattoo when I turn twenty…I know what I want but I’m not sure where I would get it. But I was thinking that if I keep doing well in school and I maintain the merit scholarship that I have, then maybe my parents wouldn’t be so opposed to it. Besides, I’d be twenty by then…I won’t even have “teen” in my age anymore.

That’s all that I’ve been thinking lately…just how to improve myself mentally and physically while getting integrated in college life. One of my close friends is coming next weekend which I’m really excited about, I’ll tell you all more about that later because it’s going to be awesome! I also wanna talk about some troubling thoughts I have regarding my ex but for now, I shall go to sleep.

Goodnight xx


Note: Title is a quote from Paramore’s song, “Last Hope”


  • Lana

    So if anything don’t damage your hair with color. Instead get a few colored clip in hair extensions. That way you can clip it in when ever you want a change. As for the tattoo I say go for it. As for the nipples id be careful with that one. Don’t need some crazy person ripping them out on you eeeek 😛

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