Poetry,  Speaking My Mind




my blue lips stain your pillowcase

that’s covered in my twisted, stray strands

i stare down into your beautiful face

tracing it with my cold, shaking hands


you see, you’ve been making laps around my mind

your long legs making great strides

or better yet, with my legs, intertwined

you have my mind preoccupied


you make me glow

and my cheeks are always sore from laughing

do you want me, though?

i’m afraid what we have could quickly come down, crashing


and i don’t want that


until you, i didn’t think my heart was capable of pitter-pattering anymore

ever since my veins had been cut and frayed

my heart still isn’t quite healed from the war

but i’m trying to be unafraid


of feeling this way for you

i hope you want “us” to go somewhere too


© 2016 Vic Romero

~Happy New Year!  I hope y’all are doing well, blog coming soon! xx






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