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Kat Is Everywhere

Repost from 2012

I’m haunted by her laugh,

Her almond shaped eyes…

I still feel the smoothness of her hair,

I feel the heat from her dreamy stare


I miss her smell

Her soft skin

The way she used to hug me…

My shoulder is where she would rest her chin


I remember how we used cuddle

You always loved to snuggle

And we would watch a scary movie


Playing footsie underneath the table

When I grab you hand to dance

When we called each other nicknames

When we baked

Shared music

Makeup tips

Watched 80’s movies

Read books

Had sleepovers

Said nothing

When we laid in the grass

Went on the swings

Went to get crickets

When you picked me up after I had smoked weed

When you hugged me when I cried

When you never got mad

When we shared snacks

When you made me laugh

When we went to the pool or beach

The way that you dragged your feet

In defeat

The way you just understood

Never prodded

The way your voice sounded over the phone

The way you listened to me bitch

How I never returned the favor

How I’ve become such a bitch


The way you stood me up

The way you’ve let me down

The way that you weren’t there

I was so unsure if you still cared


The way you became hopeless

The way you left the room without another word

The way that you never smiled anymore

The way that you sat beside me patiently waiting for me to notice you

The way you often cried

The way that you never said goodbye


The way that you didn’t believe me when I apologized

How I ignored that text

How she told me where you’ve gone

That you were sick

That you needed rest


How I never asked about you

How I never called you again

How I never sent a late reply text

How I’ve lost you as my friend

How I’m a horrible friend

I just do the same thing again and again.


© 2015 Vic Romero

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