Poetry,  Speaking My Mind



I’m not sure how to verbalize the tangle of feelings that are running through my exhausted mind…lately I’m always over-thinking and my heavy heart has been sinking with dread at the impending end of everything that exists in my life at this time…change is the only constant and so I am constantly worrying about how much time is left before all the good goes away and I’m bereft once again…but I can make new connections and new friends since I’ll be leaving everyone too, since I’ll be heading somewhere new as the people currently in my life leave me behind with their eyes gazing at their future, so bright…I’m looking at my future too..but my eyes water from the feelings I feel, so blue…if it is true what they say about youth, that being young is so much fun, it’s the best part of your life…well I seem to be wasting away, worrying about what to do so I won’t feel too much hurt and so I won’t feel worse than I did before…perhaps I need to just let go, cut loose. And enjoy myself while I’m young.

Ā© 2014 Vic Romero


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