Short Stories,  Speaking My Mind

Let’s Make This Night Last Forever

She picked me up five minutes to six.  She drives a little silver car…a Dodge I think.

Upon opening the passenger side door, the stench of air freshener, cigarettes, and perfume wafted up my nose.  I breathed the smell of her in and bid her ‘hello’.

She was wearing a long-sleeved, blue and grey striped shirt and dark blue jeans.  Her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail, as always.  She looked really good.

Then she pulled out of my driveway and headed toward our First Date destination: The Olive Garden. My family thought that I was going to the mall.

It was kinda awkward for awhile, because we were both nervous and weren’t sure what to say to each other.  We talked a little about the music she was playing…concerts…but many of those conversations went limp after a bit.  Our nerves got the best of us.

The parking lot of the restaurant was packed.  We found a spot far away from the restaurant and walked alongside each other in silence as we approached it.  When we’re standing next to each other, our height difference is unmistakeable.  At 5’2″, the top of her head is a little above my shoulder.  Although she’s six inches shorter than I am, she makes me feel really safe.  I suppose it’s her personality.  She’s generally like me, shy…but she has an aspects of her that I tend to lack; she can be pretty aggressive, loud, strong, confident…and in turn she makes me feel safe.  Even when she was driving, she had promised that she would drive more carefully than usual because I was with her.  It’s a nice feeling..I’ve never truly experienced it before.

When we got our seats, we stared at each other awkwardly, smiling and apologizing for being awkward.  After awhile though, we got a decent stream of conversation going, and now I’ve come to truly admire and respect her.  I also am more attracted to her than I was when I had gone in there.

She generously paid for the dinner, but because we still had about an hour before I was to return home from “the mall”, we chatted for awhile longer.  It was really lovely.

On the ride home I mentioned how my friends and I were planning on playing pool the Saturday night after midterms.  I invited her to come, and to bring a friend too if she would like.  She said she would have to see when she’s working, but she would consider coming.

She drove the long way home, going through the Reservation instead of taking the highway.  I kept thinking about how I really wanted to touch her, to hug her to me, to kiss her…but she was busy driving and I was too scared to do so.

Eventually, like all good evenings, it ended.  She pulled into my driveway, and although I tried to prolong the evening with more talking, my mom texted me, wondering when I was coming home.  My girl had her arm around my seat, and her head was cocked, leaning toward me.  I wanted to lean in and just…kiss her…but I didn’t.  I buried my face into my hands.

She asked me if I was okay, I said ‘yes’, then asked for a hug.  I could’ve held her forever, or better yet, pull away to only lean back in and kiss her smirking lips, but I let her go, and leapt out of the car.

I bid her ‘goodbye’ and then walked to my doorstep.  I turned around when I heard her car drive away.

A little while later, she sent me a text…

“I had a great time Victoria I can’t wait to do this again sometime soon :)”

I smiled to myself, feeling content.

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