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Love Story

My grandma was reunited with my grandpa this morning.  I’m glad they’re together again on Valentine’s Day, but I also miss them.  I feel really sad…I emailed my grandma last weekend…I sent her a photo of me and my friends at a basketball game.  She never knew how to email me back though so when my aunt was with my grandma, my aunt would reply to the emails I send my grandma.  It was sweet…I’m going to miss that.

But since my grandpa’s death a little less than a year ago, my grandma has been heartbroken.  She missed him dearly…they were married for fifty…I’m not even sure…fifty plus years.  We celebrated their fiftieth anniversary when I was maybe eleven, or even younger than that.  But anyway, she really missed him and it’s nice that they’re back together again.  They’re lifelong partners and…it’s beautiful.  I hope one day I’ll have a lifelong partner like my grandparents had.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone xo

RIP grandma and grandpa xoxox

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