Speaking My Mind,  unzipped lips

Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Gotten Back Together That Time Because You Never Failed to Make Me Feel Like You Were Going To Bolt At Any Given Second

The thing I wanted to ask u was I just wanted to make sure that we’re okay I guess..the past two days or so I’ve been unusually anxious and insecure cuz you’re coming and I’m really excited don’t get me wrong it’s just a little scary for me too..cuz you’ll come here and everything will be amazing..we’ll be together 24/7..but then you’ll leave and I’m just scared that when u leave you’ll check out of our relationship again..I mean we just got back together and I’m just nervous what will happen when u physically leave on Sunday. And the other night when I called u cuz I was walking alone at night and u didn’t answer or text me back or anything I got scared that u were already leaving mentally again..or maybe that u are ignoring me cuz I brother u too much..I hope I’m thinking too much into this.

Text I Never Sent (because we talked on the phone instead)

11 Sept 2014

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