Speaking My Mind


I have two midterms next week, and one midterm the week after. It sucks.

But what sucks more is that I do not have the best study habits, and it’s really showing now.

If I had studied a little bit everyday, I would not have to pack a half semester’s worth of material into two weeks. Therefore, my schedule wouldn’t be so packed, exhausting, and stressful. Maybe I wouldn’t have had that panic attack the other day.

Well, I didn’t study a little bit everyday, I didn’t even study a little bit every other day because I didn’t study at all. And now I am regretting it because although I have planned my schedule accordingly and I am generally on track/ahead of it, it would be way easier if I had studied in advance. So then I could actually socialize with my friends and have more than 15 minutes of fresh air. Then I could take a nap or do something that I wanna do for once. Then my eyes wouldn’t be glazing over nor would I get headaches and maybe I wouldn’t have gotten sick.

Consider this a lesson learned.



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