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My Friend, Anxiety

I’ve been back in school for awhile so my anxiety has come and gone but today my anxiety has been flaring up big time.  I’ve been anxious all day.  I’ve been able to distract myself for short periods of time but eventually it comes creeping back…I’ve been trying to relieve things that would cause my anxiety but two of the things are out of my control: I’m finally getting a roommate tomorrow and I’m really nervous and my ex reached out to me so we’ve chatted briefly and although we’re not talking or anything anymore, just the fact that she spoke to me has made me like…I feel kinda sad about reality I guess.  Everything changes and although I love my life now, it makes me a little nostalgic to see how things have changed.

So to stop feeling nostalgic, I start thinking about my present but in the present I’m getting a roommate and I’m nervous about that…I’ve never shared a room with anyone for an extensive period of time…a club I was in was causing me major anxiety too but I quit that…but telling them that I was quitting gave me anxiety and then waiting for a reply…and school is scary and stressful.  I’m taking more classes and harder classes…and clubs and friends and anxiety AnXiEtY ANXIETY!!

Right now I’m just trying to relax before bed by listening to this YouTube video, drinking Sleepytime tea, and I took some Valerian root pills before.  I’ll bathe my bed with lavender scents as well because that’s a relaxing scent.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little bit about what I’m feeling since writing is therapeutic for me.  I hope everyone is doing well, I’ll try to read up on your blogs later since I’m too anxious to even read anything aside from my textbook.




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