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My Heart Is Like A Swingset

The cold, blue chains froze and stained my bony fingers as I gripped onto them, swinging.

Up, up….down, down…

I loved the rush of ascending into the sky, only to be pulled back to Earth by the blue chains.

Up, up…down, down….

Birds flew in a “V” overhead, and I relished at the sight of their dark bodies agains the bright, fiery colored leaves that dangled loosely from the trees.  Every little breeze snapped the bond between a leaf and the tree, causing it to float down onto the browning grass.

Up, up…down, down…

I liked to bring my friends to the swings in my backyard, but it wasn’t really the same when they were with me.  I didn’t enjoy the changing of the seasons when I was with them, instead we talked about crushes and ate boxes of Girl Scout cookies, sometimes serenading each other to stupid love songs.

Up, up…down, down…

Closing my eyes, I imagined myself flying away with the birds, feeling my hair being pulled behind me as I flew upward…but when my hair was blown back into my face it was a reminder that the blue chains hindered me from leaving.

Up, up…down, down…

I liked playing music while I swung, but sometimes I enjoyed the quiet and whispered to the trees all the troubles I was having at age 11, 12, 13…

Up, up…down, down…

My mom called to me from the window that dinner was ready.

Up, up…JUMP

For a second I was free of the blue chains, free to fly, but when the blue chains weren’t there, damn gravity always pushed me back down.

© 2014 Vic Romero

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