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Gaining Strength

Trying to keep my head straight…it’s been a rough day…so Kate Nash is my pill.

I’m a feminist…started being open about it about two months ago.  I’ve written three feminist blogs, one of which is on here. For the most part, I’m still exploring it and and discovering who I am.

I know there is a lot of hate toward feminism…there’s hate towards everything though….but anyway…

I’ve never been on the receiving end of hatred, and today I…well I basically was.  It sucked.  I’m not surprised.  I didn’t become an open feminist believing that I would not receive any backlash.  I’m not ignorant.

I’ve heard stories and read things about the downsides of being an open feminist, but although I was expecting this to happen eventually, it didn’t hurt any less.

Considering articles I’ve read about anti-feminist actions, the kind of backlash I received was nothing.  But comparisons are unfair.

When people are like: oh there are worse scenarios, you should be happy with what you have/that it wasn’t worse.

I feel like that dismisses how a person is feeling.  Yes, there will always be worse scenarios..regardless, that person is sad and needs comforting.

That’s just how I feel though.  For all I know, you (the reader of this), probably use the “worse scenario” line all the time and feel that that is the best thing to say to someone that is sad.  That’s okay too. I respect your opinion.

Unlike the guy that picked apart my words.  He doesn’t respect my opinion, he wants me to realize that my opinion is wrong.

If that’s his motive, fine.  He can do whatever he wants, because my opinion isn’t changing.  I’m open to listening to people that have different perspectives, but if you belittle what I say…that’s just rude and disrespectful.  And that’s what he did.

He belittled what I said, said I was confused, and made me feel dumb…I don’t need to associate with someone that makes me feel bad.  So I will just ignore him.  I now know that he is not the “good” guy that I thought he was.

I’m too optimist sometimes.  I want to believe that all people are kind…but they’re not.  That’s okay though.  I will continue to try to be kind and be the best person that I can be.  And I won’t allow people that belittle me make me feel less than who I am.

I am not confused, nor am I dumb.  Don’t make me feel that way.  My opinion is just as valuable as yours.

Like a good friend of mine once said: opinions are just that, opinions.

Be respectful of them.

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