Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

My Puppy

Her head rests on my bare chest and I push all the scary thoughts out of my head, if just for a little while..it’s difficult to be upset around her because she only makes me smile. Her head pops up suddenly and our eyes meet, I feel her body wiggle playfully. She grins at me and kisses my chest and then my cheek..then softly rests her head back on top of me. I pull her closer to me, although she’s as close as she can get…I keep thanking the universe for that first day we met, and then that Saturday when we became friends.

With my free arm I reach to grab her hand…her fingers immediately intertwine with mine and I sigh, feeling sublime. I kiss the top of her head, then close my eyes and wish for sleep…nothing can be sweeter than her lying in bed with me.

© 2014 Vic Romero

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