Oh, The Horror

[A double feature
That defines the human race
With science fiction]

They were just married
Sought help at Frankenstein’s Place
During the downpour

What they were in for
They did not quite understand
‘Til the Time Warp dance

From Translyvania
Was a transvestite convention
And new inventions

Frank N. Furter
Brought Rocky to life, to love
Someone for himself

Then things got crazy
Seduction caused destruction
Concluded with dance

Some transvestites died
But the newlyweds survived
They went home that night…

[Humans are insects,
Crawling on the planet’s face
Without true meaning]

© 2013 Vic Romero



This is not my costume, I’ll post it later!  (I did a whole week of Halloween-ish outfits, this is Sunday, Day 1 (and also the day I saw Rocky Horror again))

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