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Hope all you Americans had a great Thanksgiving.  For those that are not American and/or did not celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast, I hope your Thursday was better than all the previous Thursdays of 2013.

My Thanksgiving was good.  I went to my aunt’s house and told my entire family I got into college.  I also impressed everyone with my vast knowledge.

Aside from that, the family gathering/feast was just okay.  I prayed (whoo Christianity), ate more than I should’ve (like a good American should) and excessively shivered because I was cold and uncomfortable sitting on a hard wooden chair.  Eating exhausted me so I took a nap with my head on the table.  After my nap I finished the Rainbow Boys trilogy, and watched my cousin flirt with her boyfriend.

My family kept teasing me because I wore a blazer…they were like: good luck at the job interview, Victoria! *snicker behind hands*

I don’t understand that.  When I had red/blue/purple/green hair, they didn’t make any jokes.  They were probably just jealous of my poshness yesterday.  They were all wearing jeans and sweaters, which is so not posh.

Jokes aside, my aunt did something that I actually understood, but found to be very strange.  I was sitting with my cousins and my aunt and we were discussing the Soviet Union war.  Well…they were discussing it.  I was just listening.

My aunt went there a few times for missionary/educational purposes.  Her stories about her travels there are interesting.

There was one point when she brought up the lingerie…or more appropriately called “rice sacks”…that women wore in the Soviet Union.  When she was about to say “lingerie”, she asked my cousin’s boyfriend (the only man in the room) to cover his ears.  It was the strangest thing.  He obeyed her and then she whispered “lingerie”.  When we finished  gasping in terror at the word, she told my cousin’s boyfriend that he could rejoin the conversation.  It was so strange.  That’s Christianity for you.

In the car ride home from my aunt’s, I got into an argument with my dad about Christianity.  And more Christianity.  That concludes my Thanksgiving Thursday.

Today, instead of going Black Friday shopping (I hate Black Friday shopping), I decorated the inside of the house.  (my sister and dad do the outside).  Now the house is all lit up with pretty lights and covered in ribbons with naked baby angels on them.

I’ve been kinda “down” lately…I just need to figure myself out…so I blasted a sad album, did all my laundry, and cleaned my room.  I also hung up some framed posters, including my favorite, an Audrey Hepburn one that says…heck, I’ll just show you it.  

2013-11-29 21.38.28

The first one is inspirational kinda…the second are stickers I got at a college open house regarding a LGBTQ society, and the last is the Audrey Hepburn one.  Yay!

Cleaning my room hasn’t made me feel particularly less “down”…but I feel accomplished.  So that’s good.

Anywho, tomorrow I’m going to go to the Museum of Natural History.  I haven’t been there since I was like…eight.  I’m really excited to go, my mom got free passes to all the exhibits from her dad, so it’ll be super cool.  I’ll take some pictures!

Sunday I have to work until four but hopefully afterwards I’ll be able to hang out with my new friend.  I really like her, she sent me the sweetest text when I texted her “Happy Thanksgiving!”.  My other friend I texted never replied.  I hope she’s alright.

I did some research earlier today and I found a site that locates LGBTQ centers.  The closest one to me is thirty minutes away…I printed out directions.  I’m going to email the coordinators or whoever is in charge and maybe I’ll go…I’ll tell my parents that I’m going to hang out with my new friend or something.  I hate lying but I feel like…I am lying now anyway.  By not being honest with them about my sexuality (which right now is queer because that “is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are not heterosexual or gender-binary”, according to Wiki, and I choose not to label myself currently).

The other day I was texting to my friend, Sam, about how I wish I could “make a move” on one of the managers at my job.  She’s only two years or so older than me.  Anyway, the next day she texted me asking if I wanted to be part of the Secret Santa at work.  I was so flabbergasted and flustered that I agreed to the dumb game and now I have to get my coworker a $20 gift. This sucks because 1. I’m cheap and will now have to spend at least sixty bucks buying Christmas gifts, which pisses me off and 2. I don’t know what teenage guys like.  More specifically, I don’t know what he likes.

I’ve only worked with him maybe…three times.  All I know is that he is a senior in high school, like me.  So he is also applying to colleges.  He plays tennis, like I do.  He is a nice guy.

This sucks.

So if anyone has any suggestions, please lemme know because I haven’t the slightest clue what to get him.

In the meantime, I am going to go watch some TV online.

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