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“Prama”- noun, slang for Prom Drama

In my post about my coming out to my friend yesterday, I neglected to mention that I got my prom dress yesterday as well.

I am dreading prom because there is an excessive amount of “prama” around it.

Girls in my school, and across the nation, make prom Facebook groups to post the dresses that they buy and threaten other girls to not buy those same dresses.  I’m serious.  Look it up.  It was on Yahoo! News once.  No girl wants to match.

Then there’s the dramatic date-asking.  Typically the guys go all out to ask the girls to prom.  Some dudes open a box with a bunch of pig balloons and as they float up into the sky the dudes hold up a sign saying “Will you go to prom with me when pigs fly?”  Other dudes make “Prom?” tshirts or they sing….it’s like a fucking marriage proposal.

The asking out for prom happens around January-February, and prom isn’t until June.  And we’re all fickle, young adults.  So breakups and date drama is popular.

Prom is also a drunken and drugged-up weekend with lots of orgies.  Everyone goes to the Jersey Shore and gets trashed, throws watermelons from balconies, pukes, have bloody orgies (menstruation doesn’t stop anyone), and comes home infested with lice because the only motels that allow proms are disgusting, unsanitary facilities.

Evidently, prom entails a ton of unnecessary “prama”, which is why I’m dreading it.  Well…not so much anymore.  Because I already got a dress, making me ahead of the game.

My mom had been nagging me about dress shopping because now the dresses are cheaper and there is a greater supply of them.  Also, my usually mellow aunt was freaking out to my mom because we haven’t already gotten a dress.

On Friday my mom showed me some dresses on David’s Bridal website.  I know I wanted two straps.  That was my only preference.  My sister wanted my dress to have a slit in the leg because I’m rather tall and skinny, and she things it would look good on me with my long legs.  My mom wanted my dress to be long (I kinda preferred it to be short if it would be easier to find a dress that fit me) and she also wanted it to be kinda fitted so I won’t look like I’m swallowed in it.

Then yesterday, after I got off from work, we went to the David’s Bridal store.  The ladies working there thought I was looking for wedding dresses.  When I explained to them that I haven’t even gone to my high school prom yet, and that I was therefore only interested in looking at prom dresses, they led me to the long gowns.  They had maybe like five prom dress styles, unlike their website.  There website had a lot more.

I picked out a dress that I liked…it was dark blue, two straps, but it was baggy.  My mom picked out another dress, which I wasn’t sure if I liked it so much on the rack but I trusted her instincts and picked out my size (which happened to be the only small that they had) to try it on.  It was the only one I tried on, and I got it right then and there.  I spent a total of like thirty minutes shopping for a decently priced dress at about $279 (that was with a discount..some dresses can be $800+) and now I’m done.  With the exception of shoes, but that shouldn’t be hard to find.  I can wear black or silver shoes.

Anyway…here’s the dress…

Front of the dress (and my mom)

2014-01-04 18.24.56

Here’s the back

2014-01-04 18.25.04

As you can see, it’s aqua with a sheer black material on top.  There is sequin detailing, it is tight fitted but loose and floaty at the bottom, it has a slit and two straps, and it has a cut out in the back.

If I put it on ever, I’ll post a picture.  It needs to be adjusted though because it’s a bit loose in the back.

So yeah…I’m probably the only person to have purchased a prom dress.  But now I can relax and just laugh at all the dumb “prama”.

Goodnight, WordPress.  Have a Happy Manic Monday x

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