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Prologue: Learning to Lead

I’m going on a week-long conference starting tomorrow. I’ve both been dreading it and excited about it…hopefully it goes well. I made fancy business cards and I have copies of my resume…so I’m prepared at least. 

I’m going to blog a little about this trip to reflect upon what I’m learning. Here are some things I want to get out of the conference:


  • I’m hoping this trip will provide me with some clarity about what I want to do upon graduation. 
  • I would also like to network, possibly land a summer job.
  • I want to explore the city too. 

I have some other posts coming up as well. I made a Cinnamon Goals list for 2016 with a vision board, I’m pretty excited about it! I think it’ll help keep me on track this year because I felt like this year I fell a little off the wayside. 

I hope y’all had a great weekend!

xx Vic

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