Purplish Haze

I pressed my nose into the crook of her neck
With her lilac scent, I was obsessed
Tasting her skin…
Goddam, she tasted like sin
Red hot
The fact that we were in public was an afterthought

She was just so pretty,
So pretty
She made me dizzy,
So dizzy
We were laughing as if everything was silly,
So silly
I molded my body to hers as if I was chilly,
So chilly

Her purple hair skimmed her shoulders
Her dark, heavy makeup made her look older
Her leather leggings hugged her sculpted legs
She was the kinda girl that made you beg

Her skin was just so soft,
Too soft
My body felt so hot,
Too hot
We were kissing carnavorously,
Too carnavorously
I refrained from yelling out when she bit me hard,
Too hard

Her purple hair stuck to her sweaty forehead
All my drunken brain could conjure up was getting her into bed
I didn’t want to stop dancing yet
But I wanted to spend the night with her before our lives reset
In the morning.

© 2013 Vic Romero


*image is not mine

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