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Raw Write II

I miss her the most at night…we used to fall asleep together on the phone at night. Her steady breathing was always the last thing I heard before my nightmares began.

I loved hearing her sleepy voice in the morning after waking her up to say “good morning, I love you too”…I miss her. I wish things didn’t end this way.

It doesn’t make sense what happened…she just left. I loved her more than anything and anyone and she left. It hurts…I felt really good about myself last week but now that things have kinda…hit me…I don’t feel so good.

How could she fucking break up with me after 7months of dating through text?!?! I asked her to call me because I wanted to talk to her but she just…”we can’t be together anymore”

Hell…how disrespectful is that?! and she was upset when I broke up with her through text. How does she think I feel after all the bullshit that she put me through??

She doesn’t care though. She deleted the pics and she’s gone…I feel like I don’t even know who she is. I know it takes a long time to get to know someone but…god.

Have anyone of you guys seen Gilmore Girls? If so, you probably know the heartbreaking character named Jess. My ex reminds me a lot of Jess…she loves to read, has gotten into some trouble, doesn’t like school…but I didn’t think she would just leave like Jess left Rory. He didn’t say goodbye, gave no reason why…just left. I feel like my ex did the same to me except I kinda know why..I think…unless she met someone else and…fuck…but generally I feel abandoned. Especially because I thought things were going great and getting really serious…I thought we were serious to begin with. I thought we were serious enough to have a discussion about breaking up instead of getting a shitty text after two weeks of being ignored.

Maybe she’s just immature. Or maybe she felt “too emotional to talk to me” well fuck that. I deserve better than a shitty text.

I wish she would reach out to me and offer to chat about some things so we can be friends again instead of this weird…i don’t even know what this is. It’s nothing. We’re nothing.

This is why I hate dating because it tends to ruin great friendships.

I’m now going to include a ridiculous amount of inspiring break up quotes that I found on google.










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