Poetry,  Speaking My Mind


my worst nightmare is being shoved back into my face, she comes and goes when she pleases and leaves without uneasiness…it hurts but every time she comes i let her in the door and every time i allow her to hurt me more and i know it’s going to hurt if i let her in but she has become my greatest sin…she wasn’t always like this, she used to be my favorite dream but then dreams of her lying in bed with me became nightmares of us fighting and loud screams but shockingly she came back to me but as always she left again with my pulverized heart hung around my neck, choking me i can’t breathe and i can hardly see when she’s fogging up my vision with all our memories…she’s a drug to me i want more but she’s toxic to me i want more but she’s killing me and if i keep taking her i won’t be able to want anything anymore…

© 2015 Vic Romero

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