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Second Chance

I broke up with her, and now I’m asking if she will take me back. I’m not sure what’s going on with me..or with her. I think we’ve both been stressed out lately: me because of college and her because of work. Neither of us have been in the right mindset right now.

She hasn’t replied yet but I hope she does, even if she says ‘no’. If she says no I hope that won’t restart the waterworks but I figured because I’m already not with her it’ll just be final if she says no..I won’t be hoping for her to come around because she said no.

I didn’t want to break up with her..well I did at the time. I was mad and stressed and scared she was going to break up with me and after a negative talk in my car I felt that she was trying to tell me she wanted to break up with me which was why she had been pushing me away for the past few weeks..and when she didn’t show up at my job so we could hang out, I was seeing red and broke up with her without a second thought. I was sad for two days and then I got myself together and now I’m okay..except I want her back. I love her.

My friend Nick asked if I’m sure about asking for her back and I said yes..I don’t think she’ll want me back though. I get the impression that once we break up we’re over..no more second chances. But hopefully I’m wrong.

Anyway, I’m gonna jump in the shower now. I’ll update this later, goodnight!



  • Lana

    Maybe instead of quickly splitting talking about how you’re both feeling you know communication is key to having a successful relationship. My boyfriend and I split for a day and a half a month ago or so. Then after a long email explaining how i was feeling we worked everything out. Sometimes you just need to have open communication. Big Hugs I hope it all works out because you both love each other. 😀

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