Self-Portrait at Twenty-two


A reflection

Of a forlorn face

In the grimy window

Of the bus as it creaks along.

I try my hardest to look beyond it

To look at the landscape as we drive along

But the grimy windows don’t seem to permit it.



The white smoke escapes my lips

While black tar enters my lungs

I sigh, in bliss

My head buzzing and ears ringing

Enjoying the silence from the cold evening

The stillness


Later, I reenter the party

Mingle and mix with everybody

And smile because for this one night,

I’m not lonely


Even later, there are

Dark bedrooms and

Faceless bodies with

Forgettable names but

Regrettable moments



An accident.


Broken bones…

Barely breathing…

The absence of a heartbeat.




In the form of a woman

Caramel skin and dark,

Almond-shaped eyes

A soft smile when her lips say my name



The golden sunlight-

An unwelcome guest

Shines through the cracks

Of the closed blinds

Seeping through the thin skin

Of my eyelids

Making itself known


The sunlight illuminates the caramel skin

Of the woman wrapped in the sheets

Entangled in my limbs

Breathing soundly


Eventually, I succumb to its insistence

That I arise

I disentangle my limbs and

I welcome the sun

To this new day

Stretching my arms over my body

In salutation

Then folding over my feet

Bowing in respect

And appreciation

To be alive


© 2018 Vic Romero

All rights reserved.

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