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Love Bites (ep. 4): Simply Peachy

I haven’t written stories in awhile, so I decided to start it up again with this short series about my love interests during my first year at school.  The title of this series, Love Bites, is taken from one of my favorite NBC shows that unfortunately got cancelled. Similarly to the show, these stories are independent of each other, but they all have this common theme of love and lust, and they intertwine because of my presence in each story.  I am publishing the Love Bites series Star Wars-style, which is my way of saying that I’m publishing the series backwards.  So this story is the last story in the series, and the first story will be released last.  A story will be released every Monday at 11am eastern, so stay tuned and enjoy!

I checked my watch.  I checked my phone.  I checked the clock in the lounge.  All sources read the same time: 8:37pm, but she was nowhere to be found.

I sighed and looked out the window a fifth time and movement caught my eye.


I excitedly pushed open the door, grinning.  “Hey!” I called out to her from the top of the stairs, holding the door of my dorm open with my back.

She looked up at me and grinned back.  “Hey,” she replied, climbing the steps.  “I’m sorry it took me so long.  I got confused and went to the wrong dorm.”

“No worries, I’m just glad you’re here.”

She slid past me and into the lobby, holding her skateboard in her left hand.

“Okay, so my room is upstairs,” I said, leading the way.  The walk to my room wasn’t long.  I was at the end of the second floor, but because my mouth was salivating and my heart was pounding, it felt like an eternity.  All I could think about was taking shots with her in my room.  Perhaps I’ll suggest taking a couple body shots before we get too intoxicated…and then maybe I would suggest we lounge on my former roommate’s bed and we would cuddle and kiss passionately…and then maybe…

I interrupted my thoughts as we finally approached my door and I unlocked it.  Aside from being nervous about what I hoped we would do together in my room, I was also nervous because I wasn’t sure if she knew I like girls.  This wasn’t a date, per se.  This was a “hang out because I’m bored and finals are over” shindig.  I was hoping it would quickly become a date though, but in order for that to happen, she would have to know that I like girls.  Also, I would have to know if she likes girls too.  Yes, I wasn’t even sure what her sexuality was which is probably bad but hey, I’ve gotten lucky before so maybe I’ll get lucky again!  The giant pride flag I have hanging in my room will hopefully start a conversation about how ragingly gay she is and then we can drink and make out!

I swung open the door and stepped inside, praying to the gay gods that this will work out.  “So this is it!” I exclaimed, gesturing to my room.

“Nice,” she commented, her eyes scanning over the entirety of my room, including my flag, but nothing registering in her eyes.  Maybe she didn’t notice the giant colorful flag that hung on my naked wall?  “Do you have a roommate?”

“I did,” I replied, watching as she leaned her skateboard against the bedpost and plopped on the bed.  I felt a little uneasy, so I did what I do best.

“Do you want any snacks?” I asked.  I moved to my snack drawer and began pulling out snacks like a magician pulling out scarves from a hat.

“Sure,” she replied, examining the snacks I had thrown onto the bed beside her.  “We can eat them with the booze I got you.”  She pulled out a large bottle of peach vodka from her backpack.

“Sure,” I muttered, “How much do I owe you?”

“Ten dollars.”

I pulled out my wad of singles stuffed into my pocket and handed ten of them to her.

“That’s a lot of singles,” she observed, smiling at me.

I shrugged and then climbed on top of my own bed, sitting right below the giant rainbow flag.  Her eyes flicked away from me and back onto the food that littered the bed she was on.

“So what do you want to do?  We can watch a movie or go somewhere, whatever you like,” I said, silently hoping that cuddling was what she wanted to do.

She tore open the bag of peanut M&Ms that were on the bed beside her, and thought.  “How about we go for a walk?”

“Sounds good to me!”  I leaped off the bed and she followed me out the door, down the hallway, down the stairs, out of my dorm, and into the crisp, cool air of the night.

She fell into stride beside me and we remained quiet for awhile as we navigated our way across the expansive field by my dorm.  Aside from the gentle breeze rustling the leaves, her crunching on the peanut M&Ms was the only sound.

“It’s a nice night,” I observed.  What a generic sentence, Victoria, I thought. 

She nodded.  “So what happened with your roommate?”

I felt the blood boil to my cheeks and the tears sting the corners of my eyes.  “She backstabbed me,” I replied sadly.

I told her my tale through gritted teeth and grand hand gestures.  She laughed and sighed in all the right places, and when I had finished, she comforted me with a sideways hug.

We walked and talked around my campus for about two hours.  I pointed out some of the historical aspects of it, she told me all about her great living arrangements, and we swapped horror stories of our college experiences.

At the end of the evening, we walked back to my dorm for her to retrieve her belongings and head back home.  I no longer cared that this didn’t become a “date” and that I still didn’t know if she also liked girls.  I had spent the last two weeks moping around campus, feeling lonely and drinking exuberant amounts alone; however, tonight I had made a friend with an intriguing, intelligent woman, thanks to a group project in my major.  That was all I really needed.

“Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, I had fun,” I said, smiling as we approached the lobby of my dorm.

“Me too!  We should do this again sometime,” she replied.  Then she wrapped her arms around me and stood on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek.  My face immediately blushed.  “Text me next fall.”

“Okay,” I stammered.  She smiled and then strode out of my dorm.

© 2015 Vic Romero


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