Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

smashed at starbucks


feeling low

insecure and alone

why would i feel this way after hanging out with her, now that i’m home?

everyone fucking knows…

i’m now swimming in a fishbowl

and i’m naive

inexperienced little me

lamer than anything that comes to be

not good enough, i need to leave

i just want to run

leave her hanging on

eventually she’ll let go too

i just want to run

run from her because she makes me feel too good

and it’s all corrupt

it’s all fucked

from the beginning anyway

i will only be ending it all

before the unstable structure that we’ve created falls

on its own

or maybe i will wait it out

and see if she can accept me

but i don’t want to ask

because i’m scared she’ll reject me

© 2014 Vic Romero


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