I want to be kissed
Gently by your full, lovely lips
Or eagerly, like you have finally found
What had been missing
Before I came around
I want to be kissed
Not beneath mistletoe
But in a room that is lit up, glows
Twinkling with icicle lights
I want to kiss until they burn out well, after midnight
I want to be kissed by you
And I want to feel you want me
I want to feel the tremors overtake your body
I want to hear you moan
I want that passion
The sparks will inflame in the brick fireplace
As the kindling fire between us will also burst into flames
Kiss me forever
I don’t want to get cold
On these icy winter nights
And kiss me to console
I want to be kissed
Your warm lips, I miss
Kiss me desperately
Cling to me, like it’s the last time
That I will be yours and you will be mine
Kiss away your anger
Kiss away your despair
Kiss me any way you like
But please just…kiss me
paint kiss
from google

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