Poetry,  Speaking My Mind

snail mail

maybe you thought i was fishing for an apology…i was at the time. but for awhile i’ve been feeling more at peace and not needing that to get by…the gashes have been healing although the scars are still apparent and pain is an adjective i’m still feeling but i’m okay i’m better then okay, actually then you come around…jeez, you have a lot of nerve after i opened myself up and told you how you made me feel. honestly, you shouldn’t have said anything because you don’t mean it you shouldn’t have told me that you had loved me but you did…maybe to “do me a favor” too bad i’m allergic asswipe flavor you really should’ve saved your bullshit apology because we both know that you’re not sorry…but thanks for trying because you’ve only confirmed that i am better off without you

© 2014 Vic Romero

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