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Snorting Crack, Out Of Wack

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No, I’m not snorting crack, I am drugfree although my coworker, Marc, jokingly suspects otherwise.

He says I always look “zoned-out” and I tend to make stupid errors a lot, which makes me look clutzy and obviously that means I’m high out of my mind.

Then I joked about my past career as a cocaine dealer and he…he’s ridiculous. But he cracks me up.

I do zone-out a lot though. I’m pretty absentminded…I rarely know where I am/what streets I took to get somewhere…I can never remember names….etc. I just go into my head a lot and block everything else out, especially at work.

People are ridiculous, so instead of hating them, I ignore them.

Anyway, work today was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

It was a little past nine. All was calm.

I was cleaning the milkshake machine and restocking, and Marc was diligently sweeping the floors.

Then at 9:30, all hell broke loose.

There’s a church around the corner that holds parties for youth every month (it makes church look cool) and well…they all come to the burger joint afterwards apparently.

It was my first time witnessing 50+ 13-year old kids swarm around the restaurant and then barge in using all the doors…it was the most terrifying experience ever.

Apparently it’s usually worse.

I was the only one on register for awhile and…okay wait.

First…I hate kids. They are…so annoying. And mean.

My tennis job started this past Friday and the new group of kids I am working with are a nightmare.

One girl is so fresh, I told her to stop being fresh. And then I yelled at her because she…she needs some serious parenting.

She was maybe 10 though.

The kids that overtook my job were a few years older, but they’re not better than the 10-year olds because they are also fresh and rude.

So I was alone at the register, paralyzed in sheer terror as the kids came in from all sides.

Then they all congregated at the register. Kids don’t believe in civilized lines.

They were all screaming their orders in my face, waving their parents’ cash in the air…shoving each other aside.

And I was just standing behind the counter, scared for my well-being.

One kid made eye contact with me, smiled, and stole a drink.

I yelled at him but he was walking away and my manager…I don’t know what he was doing.

Anyway, all these screaming kids ordered the same thing: all kids, regardless of the time of day, order milkshakes and French fries.

I find it really annoying because milkshakes are a bitch to make. And because kids are always with packs of friends, there are always 6+ shakes to shake.

After the initial surge of kids, more came in. People began to leave but then they’d come back. It was complete chaos.

Marc said that a bunch of girls asked if they could touch his beard (he has an epic beard), and apparently one girl tried to stroke it.

He was creeped out.

When I was closing my register to leave at 10:30, about thirty kids were still there. When I clocked out, everyone was gone. Except for the mess.

There was really no purpose for sweeping or anything at 9pm.

I felt bad leaving but I have a driving curfew because I’m a minor. It’s the law in NJ. Can’t drive past eleven.

So I left and then regaled my mom with the tale.

And then told her how no one, including me, has gotten paid in a week. It’s freaking annoying. Everyone’s pissed. So am I.

Well I’m gonna brush my teeth and sleep. I’m tired, and I have to get up for work tomorrow. Blah.


(sept. 14th)

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