Speaking My Mind

Spread Positivity


Victoria- you are very confident in your beliefs which I admire.  I also really enjoy how you piece your clothes together.  

She is very intellectual and is really friendly to everyone!

Even though you seem shy, your style is so original and I always love your Doc Martens!

You are smart and will do great in life.

You are a sweetheart

You’re really creative and passionate about your work!!

You seem to have great confidence.

Victoria is so nice and smart and I love talking to her.

You are a very genuine and good friend and I love you girl 🙂

Although we have only talked a few times, I think you have a very good outlook on life and I always see a smile on your face.

Nice, smart.

Thank you for explaining things over and over for me when I don’t understand an assignment.  It’s very nice of you.

Although I always presumed you to be a quiet person, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to you this year and you’re a very helpful person.  I feel like I could talk to you easily.

Soft and well spoken.

You are very smart and so nice!

She is such a strong person. She is really sweet and would never want to hurt anyone. She gives great advice and is one of the best friends I have ever had.

You are really nice plus I enjoy that you are not afraid to speak your mind.

In my English class in my senior year of high school my teacher passed around paper with all of our names on it and we all had to anonymously write something nice about each other.  This activity was inspired by “All the Good Things,” a story in the Chicken Noodle Soup series. I still have the physical copy of this…it’s nice to reference this when things are difficult.  Maybe do something like this with your friends!


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