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Summa Girls Come and Summa Girls Go

I’ve been on summer break for three weeks now, and it’s been a hodgepodge of days.

The first couple of days, I went on a cleaning rampage.  I’m still not done, but it’s coming along.  I’m trying to finish this Friday so I can spend the rest of the summer doing other things.

Then I went to Florida to help pack up my grandparents’ house to be sold.  It was a sad trip and it felt weird that none of them were there…but I found some cool photos and books that reflect my family history that I’ve kept.  It was also nice to go down there to enjoy the house one last time and to support my dad.  We took a couple trips to the beach too.

When I got back, I hung out with my friends.  On the first night we all reunited, I got hammered, and my friend had to drive me home and slept over since I drove her there.  It was really fun catching up with them, dancing, and acting like goons though.  Here are some unfortunate pictures of me looking psychotic:

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That weekend we went to the beach, and it was possibly one of my favorite trips.  We had a few mishaps in the beginning, like my friend thought her phone flew out of the car, but everything fell into place (and she found her phone).  We went to my friend’s beach house and tanned, although it was a bit cold due to the wind.


We were going to go to a burrito place that was on Drive-Ins, Diners, and Dives, for dinner, but the one nearby had closed down, so we just ate at the boardwalk.  I got shit on by a bird, which was fabulous.  Afterwards, we went home and loitered in an empty parking lot, drinking and having deep conversations.  I didn’t drink because I had a background testing on Monday, and I wasn’t sure if there would be a drug test as well.  Then we watched Scream and fell asleep.  The following morning, my friend’s dad made a great breakfast and we had a breakfast party.  I didn’t leave my friend’s house until 1pm.  It was such a great weekend, I didn’t want it to end.

On Monday, I had my first day of training to be a Crisis Response Advocate.  I would be answering calls of people that have experienced sexual violence and provide them with information to enable them to make informed decisions.  I may be required to go to police stations or hospitals as well to facilitate the process of reporting interpersonal crimes.  I’m really excited about becoming a certified volunteer, but I will have to make up hours since the training is also on Saturdays.  Next Saturday I am going to a concert, and the following Saturday I have a mandatory training for my internship.

I’m also really excited about my internship!  I obtained it through a program that requires me to take a class in conjunction with my internship.  I will be a summer camp counselor for children ages 10-16 that are at risk for racism, drugs, and violence, doing an arts program.  This internship is sponsored by the Latino Center at my school, which is an organization that I’ve wanted to get more involved with, so hopefully I will make some awesome connections this summer.

That’s basically it for me!

Oh, my sister had her prom!  She looked beautiful, as always.  She’s the one in the dark purple dress.


I did her makeup for her, which I think came out pretty well 🙂


Anyway, I’m gonna head to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow morning.  Goodnight everyone!



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