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    June & July Favorites!

    I’m super excited about this post! I’ve never done a “favorites” post before and I think it’s a fun addition to my blog. My favorite items range from books, clothes, food, and beauty supplies, so there is something for everyone. Let’s get started!

    Favorite Sunscreen: CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion

    I got this product after reading several articles about how the most common sunscreen in stores has been damaging coral reefs and it’s also not good for your body. You can look this up online for the details, but the gist is that the chemicals found in sunscreen interfere with hormones and such in your body. This sunscreen is made with zinc, which is a natural element, thus it’s better for your body and for coral reefs! What I have noticed though is that unless you make sure to rub it in, you may have some white residue on your face. Just make sure to look in a mirror before you take photos or go out haha

    Favorite Lotion: Sleep Lotion from Bath and Body Works


    love Bath and Body Works! I go on a shopping spree there with my mom and sister at least four times a year so we have scents for every season. The store recently had their Biannual Rubber Ducky Sale, so I snagged this for around $5-7 whereas it’s usually around $15! While I have tried many of their lotions and scents, I think this one is my favorite and I definitely will have to repurchase. The scent is so relaxing and warm, I love it. It’s also super moisturizing! Since I’ve been shaving my legs for the summer, my legs get really raw and irritated but this lotion soothes them and locks the moisture in for 24 hours. It’s the perfect solution!

    Favorite Book: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass

    I know I listed two books but in my defense, the books were combined into one book, so, I count them as one. This series is phenomenal and incredibly thought-provoking. I purchased the edition published by Penguin and they included all these amazing footnotes that provided a ton of insight on the characters as well as the author. This makes a great summer read because it’s simultaneously philosophical and whimsical! Follow me on GoodReads if you want to link up about books!! You can find me by going onto the main page of my website and in the right sidebar, click on one of the books that I am currently reading.

    Favorite Drink: Taco Bell’s Watermelon Freeze


    This drink is iconic! It’s not too sweet in my opinion and the flavor is so tasty! The only suggestion I have for this drink is to make the sugar candies chocolate candies instead. It would be more reminiscent of Friendly’s Watermelon Roll (did anyone else grow up eating these slices of heaven???) and it would, therefore, be better overall. The chocolate would provide a beautiful contrast to the sweet and sourness of the slush. Perhaps when I get it again, I’ll add chocolate chips myself and report back!

    Favorite Chocolate: Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger


    I am obsessed with ginger! It’s my favorite spice. I also have a deep love for dark chocolate, which I eat daily. Two of my favorite things combined together is pure heaven! I was first exposed to this delicious dessert when my girlfriend bought me dark chocolate ginger candies to make me feel better. I don’t know if I was suffering from allergies or if I was sad, but it was one of the best treats she’s given to me and also the worst because unfortunately, chocolate ginger candies are sooo hard to find! I’ve only seen them at ShopRite where they had half the size of this container yet at the same price, and at Trader Joe’s, which is the best option for this delectable treat. I may have to make them myself, honestly.

    Favorite Dessert: Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas!


    I strongly advise against buying this because it will ruin you. I devour almost the whole box in one sitting, they are way too delicious. They are so good that now whenever we go to Trader Joe’s, my family buys at least four boxes. Obviously, we can make this ourselves and it’d be cheaper to do so. In fact, my sister and I did make a version of this last summer, however, we didn’t cut the bananas up into slices. Banana slices make frozen bananas less painful to eat because you are less likely to get brain freeze or feel pain in your teeth from biting into a frozen banana half. Next time I make this, I will definitely be cutting the bananas into slices!

    Favorite Outfit of the Day: Tangerines!!

    My sister and mom picked out this cute tangerine top from Anthropologie for me, and I love it! It’s the perfect shirt for summer because it can be worn casually or more dressy as I wore it in these pictures. I paired the shirt with fancy, woven shorts from Abercrombie I bought two years when I used to work there.


    My orange earrings and bracelet (the engraving in the bracelet is a coqui) are from Puerto Rico when my mom went to visit my grandma. I think I got the goldstone bracelet during a Florida trip back when my grandparents were still alive. Lastly, the watch is a gift my mom got for me for my most recent birthday.

    Those are all of my favorites for these last two months! I’d like to continue this series if not every month, at least every other month. Perhaps I can integrate some things that I got that I don’t like too! I also want to do lookbooks/OOTD pics again. I take photos for them but I haven’t posted them since like…2014/2015?

    Have you tried any of the things that I’ve listed, or are you interested in trying something that I shared? What are some of your favorite items from the last two months? Let me know in the comments below!

    xx Vic

  • Short Stories,  Speaking My Mind


    she threw her torso over the edge of the bed and hung upside down. her hair swished back and forth, grazing the floor. her shirt rode up her stomach, revealing her belly ring and her hip piercingings.

    “in retrospect,” she sighed, “nothing matters. if something seems shitty, look at it upsidedown.”

    i laughed. “you’re so wise when you’re drunk.”

    she put her hands on the floor and then puhed off with her legs, kicking herself over her head and landing on her feet, facing me.

    “i’m not drunk, i’m serious,” she insisted. “you take astronomy! how insignificant is earth in comparison to the universe?”

    “earth is really small.”

    “yes! earth is like the point of a needle! and yet, we as people…we’re even smaller than that…and we get so upset!” she exclaimed, pacing back and fourth. “like you and that girl!”

    “my ex?”

    “yeah! she treated you like crap and you miss her?! no! fuck her! although earth is like the tip of a needle, there’s a fucking lot of people here that would treat you a million times better without even dating you! don’t miss her, fuck her!”on that note, she jumped onto the bed beside me and sprawled out on her back.

    “wow, you really are drunk,” i noted, causing her to erupt in a fit of giggles.

    “yeah…i’m feeling kinda dizzy now,” she laughed. “but i do mean what i said. move on, you deserve better.”

    “i have moved on!” i argued.

    she shook her head sadly and then close her eyes. “what happened to that other girl?”

    i looked at her quizzically. “what other girl?”

    “the one that you thought wasy babylicious! you basically drooled all over her!”

    “hold up,” i interrupted, “i haven’t drooled over anyone, i’ve barely talked to anyone.”

    “you’re full of crap! everytime we go out you wave to someone!” she countered.

    “fine, but i don’t particularly like anyone…”

    “i’m going to find you someone,” she said fervently as she took another swig of tequila from the bottle. “are you sure you don’t want any?”

    “yeah, i’m okay,” i replied.

    her face scrunched up as the liquid burned down her throat.

    “i haven’t drank since…i realized i needed to break up with her. and that was a really low moment for me so i haven’t wanted to drink lately,” i confessed.

    “victoria, that was over two months ago already,” she stated factually. “like i said before, move on”

    “i have though!”

    she shook her head. “when you don’t want to drink because you just don’t want to, then you’ve moved on. but you’re associating drinking with your ex like…we’re finding you someone new in the spring. we are not leaving in the summer without finding you someone that gives you butterflies and makes you blush and makes you feel happy and beautiful and deserving.”

    “okay,” i said, giving in to her positivity and determination. feeling that way again would be nice. i smiled at her, grateful to have her part of my life. she returned my smile with glossy eyes and then handed me the bottle.

    “here, you’re ready. you’re readier than you realize.”

    tentatively, i took the bottle from her grasp and held it to my lips. the aroma was overpowering but i bravely downed a gulp. and then she screamed and hugged me.

    “2015 is going to be our year,” she whispered and then kissed my cheek.

    © 2014 Vic Romero

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