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    Bullet Journaling My Finances

    Last year when I went on a 5-month hiatus from my blog because I was struggling with grief and depression, one of my best friends from my hometown recommended I Bullet Journal to help me deal with my emotions.

    For those of you who don’t know what a Bullet Journal is, it’s a method of organization for a ton of different things such as daily to-do lists, mood tracking, gratitude lists, etc. There is an official journal you can buy, or you can use whatever journal you have, you can even create your own with scrap paper!

    I personally used a random notebook for my BuJo, and I used it quite a bit for several months until I finally returned to my online blog. It never became the cutesie journals that you will find online if you search “Bullet Journal ideas” in Google Images because I just used different colored pencils and pens to create lists. Regardless, it helped me get through a difficult time, thus I am picking it up again! This time, I’m going to use it to help me keep track of my finances. (I’m also not using it in lieu of blogging.)

    As I’ve mentioned previously, I have been a bit stressed out about money. Although I am making a small income, I somehow spend outrageously every month. The months leading up to graduation were particularly expensive due to many nights spent celebrating and…honestly I don’t know what else.

    Anyway…I was inspired to pick up my BuJo again because in my email inbox recently, there was a message about Bullet Journaling and Finances. Intrigued, I clicked on it and read a helpful article about how someone used the Bullet Journal to get out of a $240K debt! Thankfully, I don’t have such a large task to tackle; I want to save more money, spend less, and budget.

    After reading the article, I adopted two of the prompts that the writer of the article, Seth, used! Below is my version of what he had done.

    What I buy

    The prompt above is to track my everyday purchases and my income. This will help me determine what I need to scale back on so I can save more money. Off the top of my head, I suspect that I spend a lot of money eating out and on alcohol. I also spend quite a bit doing spontaneous shopping on Amazon (books are my greatest weakness!!) and at the mall for yoga items (speaking of which, there will be another yoga haul soon!).

    Habit tracker

    This second prompt I copied is a habit tracker for the month of June. All the days of June (except the 29th and 30th…I ran out of room) are included as well as the day of the week. The vertical column consists of habits that I want to break and make. For example, I want to read at least 20 pages of either one or of multiple books per day because I have a bunch of reading to do for the yoga training as well as a huge pile of half-read books I’m dying to finish. For some reason though, I always get caught up on YouTube or reading different lifestyle blogs, which is better than YouTube I suppose but I would prefer to finish a book.

    Other habits I want to create that would help me achieve my long-term goals include researching PhD programs, applying to at least two jobs/day, meditating with my mala, writing, studying (for yoga/GRE), doing yoga, 10 minute cardio, save $20, clean/organize 5 items in my room, not spend money, and research a car to get. Some habits I would like to break include not buying coffee, not buying alcohol, and not buying food (unless it’s from a grocery store).

    When I do a habit I want to create, I will put a smiley face on the date. When I don’t do a habit I want to create, or when I do a habit I want to break, I will put a frowny face.

    I have many habits in the vertical column, so I don’t expect them to do them daily; however, I hope this tracker will encourage me to practice these habits more frequently than I have been. Currently, I’ve been avoiding many of these tasks and I expect this tracker will help hold me accountable. This will ultimately help me achieve my long-term goals!

    At the end of June I will update y’all on my progress with this.

    Do any of y’all Bullet Journal? What prompts do you like to use for finances or in general?

    xx Vic

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    -Weekend Blog!

    Graduation is in less than two weeks, and my life has been a little hectic in an exciting way. This past weekend I spent my days drinking and snacking at alumni events and other University gatherings with my friends and my girlfriend, hence why I did not get to make a Sunday post this Sunday. I was recovering from all the fun.

    I’ve been enjoying my last days as an undergraduate though because I’ve been celebrating with people that I care about and I also have more exciting activities planned up until graduation (I have three commencements to attend), and even after. Thus, my regular blogging schedule may continue to be a little erratic until late May or the beginning of June.

    Since I didn’t get to post on Sunday because of the senioritis excitement, I will at least detail the festivities I participated in.


    My girlfriend and I went on a spontaneous date! We greatly enjoy BYOB sushi places, which is what we did at a local place. The drug store near us surprisingly had alcohol (this is a novelty experience in NJ where only liquor stores carry alcohol), and we got a wine that was less than $5! Neither of us had ever found and purchased a wine that cheap (except maybe when I was in Europe) it wasn’t bad wine at all. It easily could have been at least a $10 wine.

    Anyway, it was great because we at sushi and got drunk on cheap wine. Then when we were leaving, we heard live music at a bar and so we popped in. It was a male guitarist who had a great voice. We got Moscow mules, which is my favorite mixed drink at the moment, and had a great time listening to the musician at a pretty hipster place.

    We’ve been to that bar before because it’s also a liquor store, and last time we did BYOB sushi locally, we got a $25 bottle of wine there. That was the most I’ve spent on wine, but it was well worth it. That bottle was from Spain and it was simply divine.

  • Poetry

    Self-Portrait at Twenty-two


    A reflection

    Of a forlorn face

    In the grimy window

    Of the bus as it creaks along.

    I try my hardest to look beyond it

    To look at the landscape as we drive along

    But the grimy windows don’t seem to permit it.



    The white smoke escapes my lips

    While black tar enters my lungs

    I sigh, in bliss

    My head buzzing and ears ringing

    Enjoying the silence from the cold evening

    The stillness


    Later, I reenter the party

    Mingle and mix with everybody

    And smile because for this one night,

    I’m not lonely


    Even later, there are

    Dark bedrooms and

    Faceless bodies with

    Forgettable names but

    Regrettable moments



    An accident.


    Broken bones…

    Barely breathing…

    The absence of a heartbeat.




    In the form of a woman

    Caramel skin and dark,

    Almond-shaped eyes

    A soft smile when her lips say my name



    The golden sunlight-

    An unwelcome guest

    Shines through the cracks

    Of the closed blinds

    Seeping through the thin skin

    Of my eyelids

    Making itself known


    The sunlight illuminates the caramel skin

    Of the woman wrapped in the sheets

    Entangled in my limbs

    Breathing soundly


    Eventually, I succumb to its insistence

    That I arise

    I disentangle my limbs and

    I welcome the sun

    To this new day

    Stretching my arms over my body

    In salutation

    Then folding over my feet

    Bowing in respect

    And appreciation

    To be alive


    © 2018 Vic Romero

    All rights reserved.

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    the salty, the smelly, the sweet

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    This slideshow feature must be relatively new, I’m pretty excited to use it for my food blog!

    Anyway…this will be the last food blog of the summer.  I hope to continue cooking when the semester starts, but it may be even less frequent than how often I’m cooking now (I haven’t cooked in about three weeks.  Part of that is due to the fact that I traveled for two weeks but…I’ve been home for awhile and I haven’t made anything yet).

    Slide #1

    I actually didn’t make this; my mom made it for the Fourth of July and I thought it was too aesthetically pleasing (and delicious!) not to share!  I believe my mom found the recipe on Facebook and all it is is watermelon cut into the shape of stars with mozzarella cheese, and arugula sandwiched in between two watermelon slices.  Then balsamic glaze is drizzled on top to add some acidity.  She used a cookie cutter for this, although I’m sure you can do it by hand too.  This dish seemed pretty weird at first, but it’s refreshing and tasty.  Plus it’s super easy and a cool twist on the mozzarella, basil, tomato, and balsamic vinegar with olive oil appetizer.

  • Speaking My Mind


    My birthday was on the seventh of this month, which was a Monday.  It sucked that my twenty-first was on a Monday, but because it was on a less than ideal day, my birthday wasn’t just a day, but a birthday week!

    I woke up Monday ready to slay the world.  I’ve been watching Arrow lately (it’s excellent if you haven’t checked it out) and I was particularly entranced by Helena.  She was the mob leader’s daughter and was bad to the bone as well as wealthy.  So my birthday look was inspired by her.

  • Travel

    Vic’s European Vacation: Day 3: Lit in London

    The croissants are SO GOOD they’re so crunchy it reminds me of that Italian dessert that my mom and I like that I can’t remember the name of right now…
    Oh, fun facts! My mom came to Europe twenty years ago and warned me about the water but the water is safe to drink. (Perhaps it always was, she just didn’t know?) She also told me the beer is served warm in England, but everything was ice cold. With optional ice.

    Oh, fun facts! My mom came to Europe twenty years ago and warned me about the water but the water is safe to drink. (Perhaps it always was, she just didn’t know?) She also told me the beer is served warm in England, but everything was ice cold. With optional ice.
    Additionally, Nero Cafe is the Starbucks of England, although England has many Starbucks too. Boots is the Walgreens/Duane Reade/CVS/Rite Aid of England.

    Additionally, Nero Cafe is the Starbucks of England, although England has many Starbucks too. Boots is the Walgreens/Duane Reade/CVS/Rite Aid of England.
    Anywho…! So the first thing we did in the morning was go on a walking tour of the Parliament area, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London.

    Anywho…! So the first thing we did in the morning was go on a walking tour of the Parliament area, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London.

    Here I am in front of the Westminster Abbey. MLK is an honored person here, among many others from all over the world. He has a little statue of himself over the archway. He is the center one holding the child.

    Then we saw the Switching of the Guards. I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to see them so it was a pleasant surprise.

    Afterward, we went to the London of Tower, where the tour ended. We got lunch and I tried Halloumi cheese in a wrap. It was delicious!

    I had tickets to the Tower though so I went on a tour in there and then checked out all the exhibits. Apparently, the Queen lives here with her bodyguards and their families, who also serve as maintainers of the castle and tour guides. They served in the military for 22 years before assuming this position, if they choose to. Sir Isaac Newton lived here at one point too!

    Then we went to the London Eye. It was incredible.

    When I was in that area, I got a better photo of Big Ben than on the tour. Big Ben is actually not the building, but the huge bell inside the building!

    At this point, I noticed how sore my legs were probably due to malnutrition and dehydration. I’ve not been enjoying well-balanced meals at all, and most of my beverages have consisted of tea and alcohol. The alumni with us keeps reminding us that nothing counts when we’re on vacation, so eat, drink, and buy whatever you want! It’s terrible advice but it’s kind of what I’m using to reaffirm my poor decisions haha

    Some people in my group wanted to go to Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter, so we went to Kings Cross. We ate at some British hipster place and I noticed that English people say certain vegetables differently than Americans do. Aubergine is the English way to say eggplant and courgettes is the English way to say zucchini.

    Well, I got drunk before dinner even came out. It was embarrassing because everyone else seemed fine and they drank as much as I did! Everyone is older than me though so maybe they’re more tolerant than I am..or maybe they were hiding their drunkenness too.

    After dinner, half the group went to wait in line to take a photo at the 9 3/4 thing. They have a carriage, wand, and scarf to make it appear as though you are going into the wall to access the platform, like in Harry Potter. It was pretty cool but I didn’t want to wait in line, I wanted to get drunk! So the other half and I went to a pub called Britannia in Kensington. We went to it on our pub crawl the night before. I didn’t notice until I had to navigate London myself that there are no street signs on poles! All the street signs are on the sides of buildings, which makes no sense because you can’t see them well if you’re driving! We could hardly see them when we were walking, and that wasn’t because we were drunk.
    At this pub, I had two glasses of wine, making it five glasses total for one night. I think that means I drank about a whole bottle myself? It sounds pretty gross when I think about it…

    The rest of the group showed up later and we bonded. It was super nice because I felt a little in-limbo with the group. I take a little while to feel comfortable with people and it was a little intimidating because half of the people knew each other before the trip…but tonight at the pub, I bonded with some people and it was nice. Two of them are also half Latina, which was cool! And they live and work near my university so although one graduated and the other one doesn’t go to my university, we can probably hang out when we are back in the states!

    Here are me and my Latina pals 🙂

    Apparently, I thought it was not enough that I basically drank a bottle of wine myself because then at the hotel bar, I got a cider with a shot of something…I’m not sure what it was but the bartender added it because he knew I wanted a strong drink. I was quite lit.

    We ran into some other people in our group and we hung out with them for awhile. Then I turned in at 1am. My roommate got back from a date around then (she met some English person at a bar and he asked her on a date and she went like whoa wow) so we ended up talking until like 2am. We hadn’t talked like at all before so it was nice to bond with her too, although I was only able to sleep like 4 hours as a result 🙁

    I mean..what do I expect though? I knew this was going to be a sleepless trip. I’ll probably need a vacation after this!

    xo Vic

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    First Date??

    I’m a little nervous for tonight.

    Tonight I have a very casual, informal date. It’s not really a date..I’m not sure what it is. It’s with a woman though.

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    Woo Me

    I ran into one of the friends that had said they were coming to my birthday bash but never showed up, at the dining hall.  She apologized..apparently her pre-party nap caused her to sleep through the whole party.  We ate breakfast together and chatted, it was really nice.

    I had met her at a party about a month ago because she was friends with a girl who was friends with my friend.  I liked her instantly and got her number, but I did not anticipate using it.  I didn’t think I was going to see her again and when I’m drunk, I tend to collect the phone numbers of people I talk to for at least a minute, and I don’t usually contact them again.

    But then I saw her again at another party and we talked the whole night.  She’s super attractive and has a sexy voice so when she informed me that she just had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend and that she’s bi, I wanted to be the one to make her forget all about him.

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    The Aunts and Uncles of Amor: After Hours

    My internship is coming to a close today and I’m already a little sad about it. I wasn’t expecting to be sad because I thought I would dislike it because 1) I’m working with kids, and I don’t particularly like kids and 2) these kids experience things that I have never had to. For example, some of them may be/have been/or will be recruited to join a gang. They may have had personal exposure to violence and drugs. An officer came in to talk to me and the other counselors during our training about how some of them may have tattoos, despite the oldest of them being fourteen. I felt unprepared to handle situations I may encounter with these kids, but instead it’s been great!

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    I Could Use A Couple Shots Right Now, Let’s Make This Tipsy Tuesday

    I’ve been listening to a ton of angsty music lately…like screamo and heavy metal.  I have always enjoyed this type of music, but I don’t usually listen to so much of it.  When I used to exclusively listen to this style of music, I was unhappy and angsty.  So it’s concerning me that all I want to listen to is angry music.

    Part of it may be due to being sexually frustrated.  I have been attracted to several people over the past year or so, but it hasn’t been reciprocated, until now.  It’s kinda frightening me and I keep questioning the situation as well as myself.

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