• Poetry


    Crossing the road with the crowd
    Passed a boy with brown hair
    He was going the other way,
    With another crowd
    Yet he picked me out.
    His eyes caught mine,
    Hazel and big
    But he kept walking
    Back turned to me then,
    As he went to the other side

    And I thought as I walked,
    That he looked awfully familiar
    Then I coughed
    Because someone exhaled
    Cigarette smoke into my face
    I turned around again
    To see if I actually knew him
    But at that point he was too far away

    I continued to walk down the block,
    Walking many blocks
    Paying no mind to the time the clocks tell
    A lone saxophonist played
    His music circled my hips
    I couldn’t help but to sway
    The passion he felt was evident in what he played
    I wish I had that passion
    Or at least enthusiasm
    For something, anything
    I paid him a dollar for the song,
    Before moving on

    And I thought as I walked,
    That that song sounded awfully familiar
    Then I coughed
    Because someone exhaled
    Cigarette smoke into my face
    I tried humming the tune
    To see if I actually knew it
    But at that point its notes were forgotten in my brain

    Rounding the corner of Bleecker street,
    The pavement slapping against my feet
    Passed a sex shop
    Posters covered the windows and walls
    Stragglers walked in
    Drool running down their chins
    And I remembered

    I remembered as I walked
    That the boy from before was an old lover
    And that song was played when we first met each other
    And the sex shop became my way to find satisfaction
    But ultimately I lost all of my passion

    Then I thought as I walked
    That I had no idea where I was going
    I opted to take shots
    Because my memories were too noisy
    I headed for the Blind Tiger
    But money I lacked
    Because I had lost my job when I was with my boss on my back

    I remembered as I walked
    Hating that I could still remember
    I thought that I had forgotten what I forgot
    All this stuff that happened last December
    I suppose forgetting isn’t that hard
    But forgetting what’s forgotten is the challenge
    Perhaps with more heroin,
    I’ll be able to forget
    And find passion and direction.

    © 2013 Vic Romero

  • Speaking My Mind

    I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

    Seventeen magazine had said that in January I would be flirting with two hotties (which I was: my manager who I started talking to two days before I saw my horoscope, and my former best friend who I’ve been reconnecting with for awhile and is straight) and that one of them is compatible with me. On the 26th I was supposed to know which person is for me.

    I don’t believe in horoscopes. I like to read them though because I think it’s cool when they are somewhat relevant to my life, and I wonder how many other Scorpios (that’s my horoscope) relate to the horoscope, which in turn means that they relate to me. It’s a connection of astrology. I find it neat.

    Regardless of my fascination with horoscopes, I have never believed in them nor have I ever deemed horoscopes to be correct. Except for the one that I stated above. Then again, my horoscope was actually not correct because I had known she was the one that was most compatible with me after a few days of talking, regardless of my questioning our compatibility when I found out that she smokes pot. Pot irks me.

    Anyway, today is the 27th and I forgot that the 26th, the official day that I was supposed to know if she was the person for me, has passed.

    Did anything happen yesterday that reaffirmed that she was the person for me?

    ….no. I spent most of yesterday not talking to her because I was studying or…”studying”. I did text her later last night during the Grammy’s though. I confessed to her that I had died inside (in a good way) that one time that she had gotten mad at work and almost whacked me with the door because she had grabbed my waist…she was all: omg Victoria you just melted my heart I didn’t think I could make anyone feel that way…

    Other than that, there was nothing that happened on the 26th that screamed “VICTORIA YOU ARE MEANT TO BE WITH THIS GIRL!!!”

    However, there have been other times, before the magical 26th and after that has caused me to like her even more than I did when I was just admiring her from afar a few months ago.

    We have a lot in common, my girl and I. We have little things in common, like favorite ice cream flavor, favorite music, etc. But we also have similar values, such as honesty, family, work ethics.

    We have a lot of differences too. She loves wrestling and football (specifically the Patriots) and I don’t watch sports (except for tennis sometimes). She enjoys romance movies, I prefer comedies. There are others too, but I didn’t want to make a list about her here. I want to talk about…Thursday.

  • Speaking My Mind

    Peanuts and Chocolate

    Hello, everyone, hope you all are doing well and you have been having a good new year so far.

    My new year has been pretty incredible. I came out to some of my friends and my sister, I found out that the girl that I have been crushing on likes me back (we’ve been talking nonstop for almost three weeks now, it’s been established that we like each other…) and…oh yeah! I went on a date with her! Yesterday, January 20, I had my first official date with anyone, and my first date with her…it was amazing. I’m still in shock that she likes me back, that she has liked me since I started working in July, that we went on a date and that she had a nice time and wants to see me again, that most of her friends know about me and her best friend wants to meet me…it’s all crazy exciting and overwhelming.

    Anyway…I have intended to write everyday in 2014, but that didn’t happen once I started talking to her. I was too happy to write, or too…I just couldn’t write.

    But I do want to catalog (mostly for me) all that happened between me and her for the past two weeks so…I transferred the texts I sent to my cousin about all my problems/concerns/events onto here because I don’t feel like typing it all again lol. The following texts are only my half of the textversation (texting conversation).

  • Speaking My Mind

    Loving Life Right Now…

    I came out to my friend and my sister yesterday, January 8th.  They both took it really well, which was awesome.

    I told my friend, Melissa, first.  I picked her up at her house during lunch and I told her that I wasn’t completely straight, that I liked girls and that I had a crush on a girl that I work with who also happens to be my boss.

    My friend didn’t miss a beat and after I told her the entire situation she gave me all this love advice.  She’s amazing.

    I told my sister when I was driving to Walgreens (talking while driving is the best thing ever because you don’t have to look at them while you’re confessing your soul/heart).

    My sister was amazing as well.  She thought I was silly for thinking that she wouldn’t accept me, considering that her friend is gay and that she is extremely supportive of the LGBTQ community.  Then in the parking lot at Starbucks we had a long discussion about feminism and sexuality and it was so liberating and amazing to be honest with my sister, who is also my best friend.  I felt like we connected more.  Like we’re closer.

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