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    Top 10 Holiday Favorites 2018!

    This is a list of my favorite items from Christmas. Not all of them are gifts, but most of them are. The gifts I received this year were particularly thoughtful and I love them.

    1. The toasted tartelette eyeshadow palette by tarte

    I used to rock all sorts of colorful eyeshadow looks, some of which you can find on my website by searching “Lookbook.” After my cousin passed away, however, I veered away from eyeshadow in favor of just eyeliner because I was depressed and I also didn’t want to spend the time doing my makeup anymore.

    When I went to Ulta with my mom for the annual holiday sale, I picked up this sophisticated palette because I wanted to explore my makeup creativity again. This palette has more sophisticated shades than my older ones, making this palette more versatile for all occasions. I’ve greatly enjoyed creating dramatic looks and neutral looks with these warm shades!

    IMG_9472.jpgIMG_1542 2

    2. Yoga Bolster

    I asked my mom for a bolster for yoga for Christmas, and she delivered! She got it at Walmart so I assume that the price was reasonable, although I know they have reasonable ones on Amazon too. I love having a bolster for my home practice. It totally elevates my yoga experience. Plus, it matches my yoga mat so nicely!


    3. Gluten-Free Holiday Doughnuts

    My parents met someone that owns a gluten-free bakery, and they only make doughnuts on the weekend. My dad got twelve of them because they looked so pretty! They were tasty too, but I barely ate one because they’re very sweet and I try not to consume sugar.

    IMG_9109 2

    4. BBC Radio Production of Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

    My favorite type of podcasts are ones that are basically old-school radio shows: there are actors, sound effects, and lots of suspense/drama.

    I wanted to read some Agatha Christie novels and when I saw that there are radio adaptations of her books available through my local library, I was so excited! This was incredibly entertaining to listen to, and I want to listen to the others!


    5. Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty

    This is an old favorite that I reintroduced to my daily routine. I mean, I don’t use it daily, but I use it several times a week (which may still be overkill). When I used it in college, I was always complimented on the pepperminty smell of it. It’s such a nice treat to start my morning with it because it’s invigorating and leaves my skin feeling luscious. They did increase the price a bit since I last bought it about three years ago, but I think it’s still worth it.

    IMG_4221 2

    6. Lands’ End Holiday Slippers

    My mom got me these for Christmas, aren’t they fun? Slippers are so useful and cozy, and I love the holiday cow on this pair!


    7. Prep Naturals Mandoline Slicer

    My dad surprised me this year by getting me this super thoughtful gift because he knows I like to cook and that I spend an exorbitant amount of time cutting produce. (In the past, he’s gotten me useful, albeit not for everyday-use items, such as a flashlight for your head). I love this gadget so far, but it can’t be used for all vegetables. For example, I tried cutting a pepper with it, but the pepper was too soft.

    For veggies such as cucumbers, carrots, celery, and probably onions too, this is great! You can adjust how thick you want your produce sliced and it comes with a safety shield and glove! It also came with a spiralizer, which I’m dying to try.


    8. Tea Strainer

    I found this individual tea strainer on Amazon, and my lovely girlfriend got it for me for Christmas! It’s wonderful because it comes with a small dish to set the strainer in when you don’t need it anymore. There is also a nice long chain with a hook that you can use to hold the tea strainer in place.

    My tea tastes so much better now that I’m not cooking it in the pot of hot water.



    9. Immersion Blender

    For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the box or of the item, so here is a picture of a sacral chakra soup I made with it! My girlfriend got me this too for Christmas. The blender has several speed settings and it also included a whisk that you can attach to the blender, it’s super nice! I’m eager to make other soups with this blender!


    10. Puzzle

    My sister got me this puzzle for Christmas because she saw a puzzle I had completed with my girlfriend so she assumed I enjoyed puzzles. I do enjoy puzzles, but I have never completed one of this magnitude before!

    It’s fun to do the puzzle together though. We stay up late working on it and we listen to old classics like the Cheetah Girls and One Direction. It’s been a nice bonding activity. Hopefully, we will complete it before she returns to school!


    What have been your favorites from the holidays?

    xx Vic

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    I slept poorly the night after I posted this blog about some future roommate/housing issues I was having.  Regardless of my sleep deprivation, I woke up an hour earlier than I had to to go to school so I could go to the ResLife office and resolve my concerns.  Unfortunately, I go to a big school so there are many campuses and offices.  The office I initially went to sent me to another office on another campus.  I went to the appropriate campus, but I couldn’t find the office.  A woman told me where to find it, but I didn’t have time to actually go to the office because I had my five-hour class.  This stressed me because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to speak with someone when I got out of class due to long lines that are more prevalent later in the day…plus, I was stressed because I was nearly running late to my class.

  • Short Stories,  Speaking My Mind

    Dying Embers in December

    I ignored the cramps in my fingers as I fervently knitted the hat I was making, pushing my pestering thoughts out of my head.  Although this was a soothing activity, which was something I severely needed after being berated, it was also a mindless activity.  I was trying to swaddle my bruised heart with the black yarn that gleamed with red sparkles, but it was futile.  No amount of swaddling would heal my heart…I had to heal my heart myself.  So I tentatively succumbed to my pestering thoughts, thinking that if I faced them head-on, I would be able to accept them better.  When I started paying attention to my thoughts though, they became louder and overwhelming.  I squeezed my eyes closed and began to think of something positive in a desperate attempt to push back the tears that I knew would soon be flooding my eyes.  When I reopened my eyes, all I focused on were the needles in my sore hands, using the pain to create something warm and beautiful.

    © 2015 Vic Romero

  • Poetry,  Speaking My Mind


    I now have twenty-two followers
    On my new Tumblr
    And I probably have diabetes
    At least I know I don’t have melanoma
    According to my new, hot doctor
    How much disappointment
    Can she swallow?
    Shut up and don’t wallow
    Dammit, she hasn’t texted me back
    At least not yet
    She must be busy
    All this porn is making me dizzy
    Horny as hell
    And it’s freaking Christmas morning
    My grandpa is sexting me
    -I mean texting me
    From across the room
    I think her and I belong together
    Like peanut butter and jelly
    In her Facebook pictures, she looks so sexy…
    Santa brought me naughty panties
    Never mind this
    Reblog the pornographic gifs
    I’m so sick of this piece of shit
    Wow, those are big tits
    I feel like reminiscing a bit…
    No, bad idea
    Anyway, I’m over it
    Discarded like trash
    I’m used to it
    Dammit, she still hasn’t texted me back
    I’m selling my soul again
    Downloaded a new app
    Fuck this, I’m taking a nap
    Blast my ears with this techno crap
    Until this fucking holiday break is over

    © 2013 VicRomero

  • Short Stories

    Heidi (part 3 of 3)

    I stood shivering outside as I waited for Heidi to answer.

    Just when I thought that my fingers were going to snap off and when I thought that she wasn’t going to open the door, she did.

    My heart fell to my stomach as I stared at her beautiful self. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun, and she had flour all over her apron and face.

    “Oh, it’s you,” she muttered. “What do you want?”

  • Poetry

    Sweet Dreams

    Whisper your name
    Into the crook of your neck
    Soft touch
    Heavy breath
    Beautiful body
    Brilliant mind
    Someone like you is hard to find
    Curl into you
    Clinging to you
    Want to get closer
    This is not enough
    I need more than your heavenly touch
    Trail fingers
    Down your thighs
    Eliciting a moan
    Of delicious surprise
    Supple skin
    Beneath my lips
    Nipping, biting
    Ending with a kiss
    You squirm and cry
    As my hand becomes more insistent
    In between your thighs
    Then finally
    You reach your pleasurable high
    Kiss you tenderly
    And I whisper ‘goodnight’

    © 2013 VicRomero

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    The Demons That Tempt Me

    Today has been too good of a day.

    I didn’t have to see the girl I crush on at work.  Although I worked alongside the girl that I am jealous of, it wasn’t a big deal.  I was too busy working to socialize.

    My boss, whom I’m not very fond of, gave me a lunch break.  I usually never get a break during my Sunday shift.  And he even paid for my meal.  That rocked.  He was being weirdly nice.

    Then I left work when I was supposed to.  That never happens.  I got about seven bucks in tips.  It was good.

    When I got home I ate and watched an episode of The L Word.  It’s really great.  Kinda dark and serious…can’t watch that many episodes at once.

    After that I watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls with my sister, and now I’m moping.  While scrolling through my Dashboard.  (That’s a Tumblr term…I’m a Tumblr girl now).

  • Short Stories,  Speaking My Mind

    Love Takes Courage

    Yesterday she texted me.

    She is my former best friend. Former because I fell in love with her and then pushed her away. Too far away.

    After coming out to myself and being able to confidently write “I like girls”, I enjoy talking to her again. I allow myself to feel all the gooey emotions that she evokes in me.  I allow myself to love her.

    But before, when I denied myself to feel love or lust for women, I was always angry at her.

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    Miley’s Glittery Boobs

    Hey, WordPress

    Had a snow day today….which was really nice.  I made a Tumblr!  I’m kinda addicted because there are tons of beautiful babes on there…and Fall Out Boy.  I love Fall Out Boy.

    While I was reblogging pics of hot chicks and feminist stuff, I was also bumming out on the couch with my sister watching shitty television and snacking.

    I have been trying to come out to my sister for awhile now…I came really close to telling her yesterday.  And then again today.  I would be like: hey, Alex (that’s her name) I want to talk to you about something…

    Then she would reply like: about what?  are you okay? you’re making me nervous.

    Because she was nervous, I would feel nervous so then I would say: is Erik coming for Christmas?

    Blah.  It’s so depressing.

    My friend from a writing app that I used to use suggested that I write down what I want to say  and just give the note to her.  I associate notes with bad news and I also find notes to be rather lame…but seeing as that words fail me, I think it’s the best way to go.

  • Poetry


    I want to be kissed
    Gently by your full, lovely lips
    Or eagerly, like you have finally found
    What had been missing
    Before I came around
    I want to be kissed
    Not beneath mistletoe
    But in a room that is lit up, glows
    Twinkling with icicle lights
    I want to kiss until they burn out well, after midnight
    I want to be kissed by you
    And I want to feel you want me
    I want to feel the tremors overtake your body
    I want to hear you moan
    I want that passion
    The sparks will inflame in the brick fireplace
    As the kindling fire between us will also burst into flames
    Kiss me forever
    I don’t want to get cold
    On these icy winter nights
    And kiss me to console
    I want to be kissed
    Your warm lips, I miss
    Kiss me desperately
    Cling to me, like it’s the last time
    That I will be yours and you will be mine
    Kiss away your anger
    Kiss away your despair
    Kiss me any way you like
    But please just…kiss me
    paint kiss
    from google
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